An open letter from a Supermachan to the ISL Authorities...

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Tragedy  |  1 Year Ago

Respected Authorities,


This wait was almost a year long. The planning and preparations started months ago. There was a lot of money spent and more importantly a lot of time spent on it. We gather our gear, while the footballers put on their spike,s we put on our skins that will last for the next four months. We pick up our banners, the flags and the drums. We have a reputation to maintain, we are the Supermachans


The excitement was palpable in each one of our faces. Few of us could not make it to the ground, but the rest of Supermachans promised to make up for us. But what followed them was insult, dismay, partiality and unmitigated disappointment. And it all happened before the kick off. 


The security guards had every right to uphold the ISL rules but I sit here and silently wonder why were we not treated with respect. Is it probably because we spend our valuable time to cheer the club closest to our heart to do the best ? Is it probably because we stood in scorching humidity to welcome the team to the stadium and then rushed to the stands to welcome them on to the ground ? Well is it because the 12 year old e4`1 debate. Even in this insensitive society calling us terrorists is absolutely farcical and impossible to digest. Maybe we should be called the football terrorists? Just like Hindu and Muslim terrorists?  


If you are wondering why I am escalating things drastically, it is because I felt the security guards were escalating things even more drastically when they called us, a group of fans blend of people from different age groups and genders, A group of terrorists


I did say security guards are well within their rights to uphold the ISL rules. But erm. I am left to wonder with yet another question— Does ISL rule apply to only Marina Arena, even more specifically only to Supermachans? Because there were huge banners unfurled in almost every other game, flares set up by you know who, drums played by so called "special set of fans". It would be helpful if the official ISL Twitter account posted picture of ISL rules instead of big banners, drums and flares set up by a group of fans and appreciating them. Wait, isn't it against the ISL rules to use huge banners and flares inside the stadium ?  I wonder…

Now onto ISL Security officials, let's go through this. We want India to become a football nation. Fair enough. Do you know cricket is the game it is because of the fans ? Let's take an example. Shall We?


I cannot help but wonder what would happen if a group of Liverpool supporters were threatened to sit down during a match or Borrusia Dortmund's fierce fan club known for their banners were asked to attend the match only with their tickets. We were not allowed to carry big flags into the stadiums because the flags had big posts. Please do look around every other match to clearly see the double standards. I wonder how to explain the twelve year old that we are terrorists because we decided to carry banners. 


We could feel the eyes constantly upon us. Asking us to sit down, asking us to calm down and making sure we don't unfurl any banners was nothing but to tame us for whatever reason but what they say. But that didn't stop us from walking out with a sore throat. Being so loud that the next day we were restrained to use sign language. We look forward to seeing you again. This time I wonder what you are going to call us. Mind you, the bar is set high by calling us terrorists. You have a high standard to live up to. 


If you think this is going to stop us from having the back of our team, you cannot be more wrong. If you want to know what stuff we are made of, take your memories back to Season-2 when a flooded city put up crowds that were higher than average attendance of few clubs in the league. Bring it on. 


Come Thursday, we will once again put on our skins. We will gear up, we will pick up banners, bring in flags. Stop us if you can. And untill you find a tool that can stop us from speaking, we will be loud. We are proud. We are the Supermachans. 


Now to ISL Security committee, you sure left us a lot of questions to wonder about. Now how about we give you one ?


What would be the game of football without the fans...


Let's disagree. But respectfully...



A Disappointed Fan. 




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