Pune City thrashed ATK to mark their 4th ever away win in ISL ever

Dibaker Chakraborty  |  ATK  |  1 Year Ago

Today’s early fixture saw the defending champions ATK lined up against Pune City FC who lost their season opener to the Delhi outfit last week. Teddy Sheringham had another disappointing evening after the stalemate with Kerala Blasters at Kochi. 

The match began with too much of noise by the Bengali supporters, who’ve been barred and silenced by FCPC skipper Marcelinho. The match ended 1-4 in favour of the visitors and at the heart of all the goals scored by the visitors was Marcelinho—2 Goals 1 Assist 1 Chance Created. ATK got their consolation in the form of a lone goal from the youngster Bipin Singh in the 49th minute into the match. 


Here are the Top-4 Talking points of the match: 


Poor home defending

Unlike their regular defensive traits, ATK simply underplayed at their defence and gave too many chances to the visitors to say the least. Even though ATK’s midfield looked worked upon, the defence ensured the moving scoreboard. From ManUnited boy Tom Thorpe’s defensive slip-up to Debjit’s poor positioning was enough make it 2-0 for Pune, and so Teddy has a lot to exercise when it comes to saving goals. 


Is Bipin Singh the next Eugene?

A midfielder who plays much like India’s midfield maestro Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Bipin Singh was the only standout player from the ATK side. Penetration through the right wing since the advent of the game making sure that the flow of attack from ATK was maintained. Bipin’s intelligence of the game makes him a great promise for ATK in the years to come. Speed, Precision and presence in the right areas, Teddy couldn’t restrain himself from naming him, “The ATK Type of Player.”


Marcelinho doesn’t care

Yes indeed, no matter which side he plays from, Marcelinho doesn’t care and understands his duty pretty well. Scoring twice, assisting once and creating many chances upfront isn’t a problem for the Samba boy. He’s already declared himself to be the most lethal forward in the entire league, and now it’ll be worth seeing who challenges him for the position he held last time around. 

Popovic is a master tactician

After Pune City’s obsession ended with Antonio habas, Ranko Popovic took responsibility of the job and who can say that he didn’t mastermind today’s win? From making 2 changes from the last squad to playing Kean Lewis on an odd Right Midfield position, Popovic ensured to distract ATK’s frontline with their irregular gameplay. He not only possesses managerial traits much similar to Jose Mourinho, Ranko Popovic is the manager to look at this season. 



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