Marcelinho speaks to Jersey about his new boss and teammates and the 2 goals over ATK...

Nikhil Gupta  |  Just in  |  1 Year Ago

After an impressive performance in the match against ATK yesterday, FC Pune City’s skipper and talismanic winger Marcelinho speaks to Jersey about how difficult it was for him to gel-up with his Pune teammates. Pune City, who’ve signed the Samba forward from Delhi Dynamos this season, signed Kean Lewis and Marcos Tebar as well. Despite the presence of his ex-teammates, Marcelinho said it was very difficult for him to manage the understanding with the rest of the squad— On and Off the pitch. He told that from matching the counter attack run to be at the right place when you’re at the receiving or passing the ball, I wouldn’t understand but the team has helped me entirely and now we are a strong unit.


Talking about the coach Ranko Popovic, Marcelinho showered the words of praise saying his tactical abilities and the understanding of the game is world class. He even told that the team is consisting of players from multiple nationalities and lingual varieties, and the role of the coach becomes pivotal to structure the team, and the coach is a true leader among us and someone who’s ever-so approachable— Come what may!


Marcelinho was the standout player of the match against ATK with his dual-strikes and an assist to Alfaro apart from a brilliant creation for Rohit. The match played at the Salt Lake was among the most difficult away fixtures for the Popovic side and they won it with distinction. Marcelinho later said that his wife is expecting and so both his goals are dedicated to his lovely wife and his to-be-born child.


Sweet, isn’t it?




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