Delhi Dynamos boss feels that his team is NERVOUS...

Dinesh Dawar  |  Indian Super League  |  1 Year Ago

After losing yet another match in their ISL-4 expedition, Delhi Dynamos FC’s head coach Angel Miguel Portugal feels that the team is NERVOUS at the moment. Talking to media after the match, Portugal openly specified that despite training hard on defense and other areas of concern, the team is unable to perform well and this is the most alarming time for them as a club. “I need my players and team with this quality to perform on top of their levels, maybe this is the problem”.


“In football the players always want to win, if they win they have confidence, but if you lose and especially in this sort of situation they players get nervous. It’s very important to win…”


Delhi’s poor display of football carried on for one more match against Jamshedpur yesterday when Izu Azuka’s lone goal proved to be the difference between the sides. With this, Delhi Dynamos has spent more than 270 minutes goalless-winless-maintaining clean sheet. Portugal also beckoned towards the road ahead which doesn’t look bright for the Northerners from here, though the Spaniard is confident that his team is professional and they’ll soon get over this jinx. Well, we can only pray that their situation improves at the Den and the Semifinalists of the last season get back on the winning ways…




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