Lions humiliated at Mumbai, too - The Talking Points

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Mumbai City  |  1 Year Ago

The struggles of Delhi is unlikely to end anytime soon as they were on the receiving end of a thrashing from Mumbai. The Lions were outplayed by the Islanders in every aspect of the game and the 4-0 score line was a perfect reflection of their dominance. Here are the talking points from yet another dismal night for the Dynamos.

Things get ugly between the players

Each team had a player sent off in the first half which saw a frantic finish. Mirabaje and Sehnaj were in centre of a scuffle that resulted in both men receiving their marching orders before half time. Sehnaj was particularly guilty in the incident but Mirabaje's reaction meant that he did not have a chance either. The match threatened to get out of hands as the fight between players continued on to the tunnel but was stopped by the timely  interception of their team mates.

Six defeats on the trot, pressure firmly on Angel Portugal

Angel Portugal had a great start as the coach for Dynamos when his team overcame a spirited Pune side in the opening game of the season. But things have gone down hill from their first win. The Lions have lost 6 on the trot and see themselves staring at the bottom of barrel as other teams have turned up the heat. They have the worst defence in the league conceding 19 goals in 7 games. They lacked the discipline tonight as their lack lustre defending during set pieces was once again brutally exposed by the hosts. Angel Portugal has to get his act right or things could very ugly for the former Spanish player.


Delhi and Mumbai, at opposite ends of the spectrum

There was a contrasting difference between the hosts and the visitors not only on the night but on even higher levels. While Mumbai are building on a solid performance from last season retaining their start power and adding some exuberance, Delhi decided to start with a clean slate. They let go of Marcelinho, who set the last season on fire. Last season was one of their successful ones despite not transforming into a final appearance. While Guimaraes is steered a stable Mumbai team to within three points of league leaders the Lions are languishing at the bottom of the table with only 3 points from seven games. In the hindsight, there will be several questions on the Management's decisions and they will have to get back to drawing board to figure things out. 



Lack of cutting edge a big problem for Delhi

Delhi have scored 5 goals in 7 games and conceded 19, nowhere near good enough to be serious title contenders. The glaring reflection was their inability to put the ball behind the net on multiple occasions. Delhi did have a few very good chances in the first half to pull the game back but his strikers were once gain guilty of missing key chances at key junctures of the game. They have not scored a single goal in the 7 games so far but they started bright against Mumbai but failed to make their good start count. Delhi looked to be cursed at the moment and they will be desperately hoping that one of their star names  step up for the occasion to save their dying season. 


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