Relentless Minerva reserves the top berth on Mariners' expense...

Depanjan Dutta  |  I-League  |  1 Year Ago

After 4 matches in vain, Mohun Bagan picked themselves up in their last match against Aizawl. Though one of them was an own one, a 2-0 goal victory was satisfactory for the Bengal side to build up their confidence in today’s I league clash. On the contrary, Minerva was in quite a comfort seat, where they came with a 4 match win lead in their last five. Salt Lake YBK was all ready to cheer their home side, but what they witnessed, may never soothe their soul.

Bagan’s defensive mentality

Sanjoy Sen set their side in 4-4-1-1, where Dipanda was the lone striker in the opposition box. And it ended with the only man in the opposition half! What can he do alone, if no one can get a quality through? Is he Messi or something! 

On the other half, Minerva’s 4-2-3-1 gave them all space to play the ground ball. Aidara and Amandeep was the key man who was offensive in the counters and defensive when Bagan getting passed!

The defensive lag of the home side

Bagan defensive seemed pathetic and fragile, in spite of having 2 defensive midfielders! They were doing mistakes from the beginning. Sometimes it is Bagui, who frees up Chencho who puts in a cross in the box and sometimes they can't even clear a misplaced shot! The ball deflects on its way as Shibin Raj gets beaten after being caught unaware. Chenco got his first goal for free!

Penalty miss!

You miss, I hit!


You can't miss a penalty in a close match like this, where your defence is weak! Dagar guessed it right as Kromah makes a mess of the penalty. The Liberian looked short of confidence in his run up and took a weak effort. Bagan could have drawn the match if they would have scored from this open chance. But alas! 

A good strong goalkeeping from the Punjab Side

Dagar remained strong in the outrage of Bagan attack. Bagan came back in the second half with a massive wing play. Apart from the penalty, Dagar saved quite a lot. It was one of the moments of the game when Dicka goes through past the Minerva defence as Dagar steps out of his box. Dicka goes wide and tries to take an effort on the goal but Daga is back in time and flings himself to put the ball out for a corner. 


Though he was helpless before Kingsley when the shoot went past right into the top corner. 


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