Mohun Bagan thrashes Arch-Rival East Bengal to crush their Title Challenge: The Talking Points

Sayan Dey  |  The Derby  |  1 Year Ago

Another Kolkata Derby has ended, this time much to the jubilation of the Bagan fans. The scoreboard says that the Green and Maroon has overcome their city rivals by a margin of a couple of goals, but the domination of the Mariners throughout the game would not be voiced by the scoreline. 



A Kolkata Derby is never short of emotions and consequently leaves a number of topics to be pondered about and today’s encounter at the much revamped iconic Saltlake Stadium was no exception. Jersey decides to put forth 5 such major points from the game which are seemingly worth to give a look upon:

Dipanda Dicka silences his critics

If there is any word that can most nearly describe what happened today is ‘Dipanda Dicka Show’! The first half brace from the top scorer of I-League of last edition was enough to see the game through. But it did not come much smooth as the player fell prey to much criticism from the supporters for the last few days and the officials were also in search of a replacement. Dicka’s future was pretty much holding on his performance in the Derby and he has managed to silence his critics in some style.  The first goal was netted before East Bengal even could settle in as early as on 2nd minute and the second goal was something that even the great Shyam Thapa would have been proud scoring. 

Amna’s injury the disaster for Jamil

Mohun Bagan team management knew about the unavailability of Sony Norde and planned their strategy accordingly, but the shock that Khalid Jamil & Co. received on the 3rd minute was beyond imaginations.  Mahmoud Al-Amna, ‘The Engine’ of Kingfisher East Bengal this season had to be subbed off due to injury, a blow to which Khalid seemingly was not prepared. The early departure of Al-Amna compounded with the 2nd minute goal by Dicka forced Khalid to change the formation and in the process the East Bengal team management probably overthought things which were never going to work. 


Someone like Khalid playing in a 3-5-2 formation for the last 30 minutes or so reflected the desperation, but it was not the day of the Red and Gold and probably not the season also!

Contrasting performance of the Bagan and East Bengal defence

The defensive quartet of Bagui-Kingshuk-Kingsley-Ricky executed the orders of their coach today professionally with limited errors. The organization of the East Bengal defence in contrary to Bagan’s back four was much loose. Leaking in goals in almost every match has become pretty much a trait for the Red and Gold defence and the goalie and in the Derby they failed miserably. Arnab Mondal even had to be subbed off to diminish the defence to 3 man not only because they needed goals but the poor exhibition and lack of understanding between Eduardo and Arnab was also evident. Salam Ranjan inspite of being defensively astute could never assist Katsumi properly in overlapping and not having a good left foot is not helping him in any means in stepping up as a left-back. 



Overall, it could have been half a dozen goals that East Bengal could have conceded today and the defence played a crucial role in that, negatively off course.

The New Foreigners

All eyes were set on the the fresh arrivals of the two teams- Akram Moghrabi, Dudu Omagbemi and Cameron Watson. As it seems both Moghrabi and Cameron has passed the test with star marks while Dudu Omagbemi also tried his best within his limitations. Moghrabi was always creating nuisance in the East Bengal defence with his incisive runs and movements near the box and had a good pairing-up with Dicka while Watson who was playing his 3rd game in Bagan shirt worked as the pivot of the whole team who operated all the movements from the back to the up like a ‘Bandmaster’. The installation of the two will only do good to the Mariners if they remain fit.


On the other hand, in an off day of his team, Dudu failed to do something special but tried to do his job. Although he did not seem totally fit still the urge to do something was evident. Khalid Jamil would need to do a lot of work in the training grounds to make his attack force work efficiently in the upcoming games.

I-League probably not going to Kolkata this season also

Kolkata is called ‘The Mecca of Indian football’ and deservedly so. But the story between Kolkata clubs and I-League has never been sweet as since its inception it has gone to ‘The City of Joy’ only once. Today after the defeat of East Bengal, it can be pretty much predicted that the fans of Kolkata are not getting taste of this trophy this time again. Although Bagan fans are in delirium at the moment in the joy of overcoming their rivals, but the result would not put a bigger smile on anyone’s face today but Ranjit Bajaj’s, probably!


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