Chennaiyin FC elated with ATK's hospitality to hand All-Three: The Talking Points

Sayan Dey  |  Chennaiyin FC  |  1 Year Ago

The match between ATK and Chennaiyin FC was not something that people were looking forward to for aesthetics. The attendance of 10,065 , the lowest at Saltlake Stadium this season reflected the lack of charm surrounding the fixture among the masses. Though for the football critics it was a match to be keenly observed, as it had varieties to be gossiped. The match can simply be called as boring for the lack of pace, creativity and energy, though we’ve tried to dig out some for the fans to get the jest of the game:


Here are the Talking Points from the match.

Bad start for Westwood

Westwood’s promotion was much rumoured throughout the season, and when he finally sat on top of Teddy Sheringham, faced the worst. The fans of ATK were highly motivated and expected a probable upheaval from their team under the former Bengaluru FC boss. To surprise their emotion, the match ended challenging the defending Champions, showing mirror before its to late. 


Chennayin trips it to go high up

John Gregory’s men were coming onto the match placed third in the ISL standings. With a 2-1 win over ATK now, The Machans have now made it to the Numero Uno spot, dethroning Pune City from the top spot with 23 points from 12 games. After sitting 3 matches out of the dug-out for suspension, the former Aston Villa boss will return home with all smiles as his side has managed to overcome “The Hard Ones” at their own den.

Is Westwood right to deploy the 3-men wall?

Much to the surprise of many, Ashley Westwood set the team in a 3-6-1 formation, something that was rarely put in use by Teddy. Although the back line of Prabir-Jordi-Keegan wasn’t too bad, but they probably found it hard to create proper understanding in the upgraded system. The departure of the Left Fullback Ryan Taylor with an injury at the middle of the match did not serve the cause and the visitors kept on marching to the box of the hosts and ended up with 2 goals.



Debjit Majumdar needs rest. Period.

Debjit Majumdar, this former Bagan custodian is considered by many as one of the best goalies in India currently. Majumdar this season has been a shadow of his previous self. Although the defence has not been as supportive too but the love-story between the silly goals and Debjit has been quite uncanny, keeping his past performances in mind. Today’s show was no exception as Debjit would certainly like to take a look back at his casual dealing with the ball, both the times ball went past him. 

Anirudh  Thapa on the footsteps of Busquets

Ex-Minerva Punjab midfielder has been in terrific form for his new home, Chennaiyin FC. Anirudh Thapa was by far the best performer in the match today and can safely be called the Busquets of Indian football. Thapa ensured his presence through the midfield, posing a lot of trouble for the ATK backline with his creative gameplay. Coach Gregory has affirmed that the India International has all ingredients to become great and is certain to achieve much more at Chennaiyin, should he work more on his run forward. 

Can ATK still make it to the Knockouts?


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