Wondering What all Shocked Teddy Sheringham in India?

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Indian football is making heads turn across the globe. Few giants have donned the colors of ISL clubs while few have taken their places in the dugout.


Teddy Sheringham is one of the biggest names going across in the world of football and it was a huge boost to the TRP ratings of the India’s glamorous tournament when he took up the reins for ATK. In many ways, it was a bitter learning experience for the former premier league striker. 


His side succumbed to series of injuries and their disastrous start to the campaign meant the defending champions will not be part of knock out stage of the tournament. It is also notable that this is the first time the side from Kolkata have missed out on a playoff spot. 


In his recent interview with the daily mail, the former English star opens about the poverty that has gripped the city of joy. Amidst the alluring beauty of Kolkata, the demons of poverty diminish the entire experience.

“Just down the road from where I was staying, I am seeing people that are living under a shelter, six feet by six feet,' he said. 'Nothing like a house. It was a shelter. And there were at least four people in each shelter as a family. Washing? That was done in a pond at the end of the street. Then the clothes were put out to dry in the middle of the street so that the sheets would be dry for the next night.”


Teddy is not used to seeing people live on the platform and the shock was palpable from his words. The former superstar who had a humble beginning himself was taken aback by the lack of basic amenities for hundreds of families across the entire city. 


“And much of the day they would be scrambling for food. It was a real eye-opener. The poverty in India was staggering. I had never seen anything like that”


It is easy to be lost into the fake mirage of the luxury and glamour of the Indian Super league. The real India extends far beyond the playing field, beyond the stadium, beyond the five star luxury hotels and Teddy’s experience is just an example. 


'It was an experience in life as well as football. It was memorable and I am glad I did it.'


Though the coaching experience did not exactly go as planned for the veteran with 146 premier league goals, he sure took back some valuable lessons from the streets of Kolkata.  May be the great game of football will light up the lives of few of those families with stars emerging from the streets of Kolkata. May be one day, the city of joy will be as glamorous off the field as it is on the field. 


Quotes Courtesy: Dailymail


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