Worst wannabe coach? Berbatov lashes out at David James enroute to Bulgaria

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Gossip  |  1 Year Ago

David James is no new name to Indian football as the former English star was associated with the glamorous league from the intial stages. James has been a fan favourite among the Kerala crowd after his stint as a player manager in 2014-15. 


James took over the coaching role midway through the season after Rene and the management parted ways after an underwhelming start to the campaign. The team clearly saw an upturn in form and finished the season on a strong note. However it looks like all is not well between the former Liverpool star and Kerala's Marquee signing Berbatov. 


Berbatov who was used in multiple roles was found playing deeper than usual (almost as a CM when in attack) under James. Berbatov launched a scathing attack on James in one of his Instagram stories. Berbatov lashed out at David James and labelled him as a "worst wannabecoach" who has no idea what he is doing. The story had quotes that questioned the tactical nuance of the former Liverpool goal keeper. He also wrote "Wtf/who plays like this", "worst tactical advice" ,"chip the ball to strikers chest and we take it from there". 

After the last game against Bengaluru James said that with  a little more time things could have been different for the Blasters. When questioned about the availability of Berbatov and Brown for the super cup, James implied that he had to talk to them to know more. It is safe to say that  the talks did not go according to plan and Berbatov will not be part of the super cup. Liverpool and Manchester United have been the biggest rivals in English football for quite sometime. There is clearly no love lost between the former rivals. The Bulgarian had an underwhelming season and joined a long list of elite big names to have flopped in ISL. 


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