BREAKING: Ranjit Bajaj's latest Accusation can Expel East Bengal for Years...

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Just as the entire nation is gearing up to a rip-roaring finale for I-League in a few hours, Ranjit Bajaj has filed a complaint against East Bengal on the eve of the final day of I-League, sending the entire football roster into an inexplicable frenzy.


According to 24 Ghanta, a Bengali news channel in Kolkata, Ranjit Bajaj, the passionate owner of Minerva Punjab, who are the firm favourites to clinch the title for this year, has complained that East Bengal was indulged into enticing a few Chennai City players and their coach with a monetary sum in order to fix the match. Later, East Bengal made mince-meat of Chennai as they thrashed the latter by a whopping seven goals to one.


There is also another complaint which was brought by Bajaj as he cited that Abdul Siddiqui, who happens to be the current goalkeeping coach for East Bengal, called up Khogen Singh, Minerva’s head coach and wanted him to let Churchill walk away with full points as that would pave the way for East Bengal to clinch the championship for the first time.

The complaints were brought to AIFF’s integrity officer, Javed Siraj as we’re informed through sources. Ranjit Bajaj previously reached out to AIFF too, complaining that five of his players were approached by bookies, however, they declined the offer and Bajaj nailed his colours to the mast, in an attempt to make AIFF wary of such tarnished developments.


Given the magnitude of the situation in which he has tried to disgrace East Bengal with such allegations, this may create a serious ripple-effect across the football canon, if validated. However, Subrata Dutta in an attempt at diplomacy has stated that every single allegation needs to be corroborated by a concrete testimony or they shall be deemed null and void.

Even East Bengal secretary, Debabrata Sarkar resonated Subrata Dutta’s words, very clearly seeking proofs from Mr. Bajaj in order to aver his allegations against themselves.


When the I-League started, who would have known that it would go down to this extent? Let the finale be a swashbuckler.


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