West Block Blues vs Supermachans: The Journey to the Highest ebb

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The fourth edition of the Indian Super League will come to a grand conclusion on the 17th of March in front of over expectedly 24000 people at the heart of the city, Kanteerava Stadium. The finale features two of the most followed clubs in India. It features the two most consistent teams from the league. It features the fiercest rivalry in southern India football. The Indian football world will come to a standstill as the Southern stars will brawl, fight, chase and eventually conquer to go into the history books.

The journey has been amazing for both the sides. Bengaluru FC became the first team to secure their playoff spot and were a level above the rest as the points table indicated. On the other hand, John Gregory has built a lethal machine that will grind any team down to the dusts and hit you when you are most vulnerable. However impressive their performances on the field are, it has definitely not been as great as the entertainment on the stands. 

The fans have played a vital role in their teams making it to this grand stage and they will be out for one last time in this season to cheer their favourite superstars to the coveted ISL crown.

We take a look at the West Block Blues, the back bone of Bengaluru FC and Supermachans, the heartthrob of Chennaiyin FC.

West Block Blues

As the name suggests, this special group of football addicts occupy the West stands in the Kanteerava stadium. They have flocked the stadium right from the I-league days and are a passionate bunch. They also travel in numbers and they are not afraid to throw a cheeky punch or two off the field.


Their well coordinated chants often provide the impetus and extra adrenaline thrust for their team on the field. They have a special place in the heart of their captain Chhetri, the Indian captain also calling this group as the best in the country.


Their brilliant chants sung in stunning unison is currently unmatched at any football stadium in India. Their trade mark “namma ooru.. Bengaluru ... who are we... BFC” is often heard reverberating in the Kanteerava during match days. They also don’t mind getting presumptuous and at certain times getting offensive. Even before the season kicked off, they made the headlines for taunting Manjappada. The WBB chanted “Who the F**k are Kerala Blasters” during an international fixture which set up a spicy rivalry. They also chanted “F**k off Chennai” during their neighbour’s last visit to the Kanteerava. They have special customized chants for their players and are often singing throughout the match.




The sole purpose of the banners in Kanteerava is for some banter. Jokes aside, the WBB outdo themselves every time they get to the stadium with some innovative banners. They welcomed Kerala with a banner that read, “Your dream is our reality”. They did not shy away from taunting the blasters league position with a banner that read “Wear a helmet on your way out of top 4”


We can expect yet another creative banner in the grand finale. They unfurled a banner that read “Arrived” on the opening night of this year’s tournament. Indeed they have arrived and arrived in style.


West Block Blues are very active on social media and are often seen pulling the legs of their rivals. They welcomed the Supermachans and BSB to the Kanteerava during their league match and appreciated their efforts for “trying” to compete with them. They mock blasters at every single opportunity they get and take immense pride in ruining the new year, Holi celebrations of the yellow army. If you are a sensitive bunch, stay as far away from West Block as possible. Sadly even that will be futile as they will always get you!


Supermachans is a term coined by the Chennaiyin co-owner Abhishek for the passionate supporters group from Chennai. They have been with the team through some of the toughest times and are deservedly travelling with elation to the Garden city. They are a naughty bunch on the social media and are not shy to let their rivals know of their presence. Their humongous banners are a sight to behold and their eternal love for the Marina Machans have propelled this team to great heights. 


The Chennaiyin fans have put up some of the best and most innovative banners in the league. Their trade mark banner that reads Supermachans with two humongous hands holding it aloft is a piece of art and is a constant presence in all their matches. They also put up some naughty banners, be it roasting the eagles for dinner or calling out the “manjappadraw”. They have a special banner for their superhero sniper Jeje. They also put up banners that resonate with their fabled southern culture from their awesome state. Many eyes will be quickly gazing toward the Supermachans stands to find out what the southern boys are bringing to the party for the final night.  




Chennaiyin FC has a very vociferous crowd and their chants are often the heart & soul of their presence in the stadium. Be it inspiring their home grown Dhanpal with a dedicated chant or a chant to thank their gaffer, they have got it all.

“Roaring Loud blue and proud

Supermachans in the crowd”

The occasionally cross the abusive lines as well and don’t mind asking the opposition captains to f**k off. With the war coming up, it will be interesting to see if the wrath of Supermachans will be directed towards any of the opposition players. 


The Supermachans are currently on top of their banter game and will be looking to land a couple of blows to their counterparts on the final night. They celebrated their victory in Kanteerava by chanting “Chennai 2 Bengaluru 1” to taunt the home fans. They also edited the video posted by WBB prior to the match and did not miss out on the opportunity to mock their rivals. 



They take immense pride in giving Tamil Nadu special Vada to Manjappada, a symbolic gesture to highlight Blasters bridesmaid nature. Their banners often flirt with the line between offensive and funny but that does not stop these fanatics from coming out with brilliant ideas. The finals is about bragging rights for both sect of the fans and a win for Chennaiyin will keep the Supermachans in driving seat to win the banter war. 


The stage is set. The 12th men will engage in a battle of their own. But the war will be on the field between 22 men. There will be taunts, there will be tantrums. There will be agony, there will be happiness. There will be smiles and there will be tears. 


Team Jersey congratulates and wishes both set of fans for a successful night at the Kanteerava. Play hard, Play fair and after the game, grab a beer and be pals again. 

Who will win Indian Super League 2017/18 Title?
Bengaluru FC
Chennaiyin FC


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