BREAKING NEWS: CBI to Probe into Ranjit Bajaj Complaint against East Bengal

Rohit Ganguly  |  Controversy  |  11 Months Ago

In a heart-wrenching move, for the first time in the history of Indian football, Central Bureau of Investigation will be getting involved. The beautiful game in the nation is about to witness one of its most sable days.


However, being very candid, despite the fact that the involvement of CBI seems to be a harbinger of dark days in Indian football, this is a necessity which is the dire need of the hour to clean the malpractices tainting the game to the bone.


On the eve of the I-League finale, Ranjit Bajaj filed a rip-roaring complaint which sent the Indian football roster into an infectious frenzy. Bajaj indicted East Bengal incumbents of offering financial inducements to five of his players and was also pretty vocal about the fact that his preceptor, Khogen Singh was called up separately and was asked to leave the match against Churchill Brothers so that East Bengal can have an outright chance to seal the I-League title. However, Minerva sealed an easy victory riding on William Opoku’s strike to defeat Churchill and lift the trophy.


Javed Siraj, the integrity officer of AIFF was shouldered with the onus of investigating the case. However, on Wednesday, AIFF secretary, Kushal Das has said in an official statement that they had also sent an official letter to CBI for a probe in the matter and CBI has decided that they will take over the reins of the investigation.


Kushal Das was inquired that whether it was pre-decided that which all players will be inquired as a part of the inquest. However, the brass of AIFF has very clearly stated that it is completely an affair of CBI and the decision will be solely theirs that whom would they like to interrogate.


However, as per a privy source from Minerva Punjab, the seven footballers who were approached by the alleged ones have been named in CBI’s list of interrogation. The players are Gyltshen Chencho, Kasim Aidara, William Opoku, Souvik Das, Sukhdev Singh, Abhishek Ambedkar and Rakshit Dagar.

However, in another fascinating move, it was claimed that Kasim, Sukhdev, and Rakshit have already signed up an indenture to be a part of East Bengal in the following season. However, these signings are also embroiled in controversy as Ranjit Bajaj has made it absolutely clear that barring Rakshit Dagar, none other deals have taken place and have also threatened to take legal actions against the stalwarts from Bengal if they try to poach their players away.


On a very feasible note, Bajaj has made it clear that he will not try and hold his players against their will. He said that many of Indian football giants are interested in signing his players and he is raring to facilitate the transfers. However, he will not tolerate any false claims made by any teams.


East Bengal also claimed that they have roped in the Minerva duo of Deepak Devrani and Gagandeep Bali. However, once again Ranjit lambasted the reports claiming them to be false as the players are under a contract until 2019.


Ranjit Bajaj’s complaint was mainly directed at erstwhile East Bengal great, Alvito De Cunha and their goalkeeping coach Abdul Siddiqui. Despite the fact that the interrogation has surged ahead at a very tardy pace, now with CBI taking over the reins, we expect to see the veracity of the complaint being verified and if proved, the alleged given proper punition.

Is AIFF's decision to get CBI involved right?


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