In Profound Conversation with the First Lady of English Football, Rebekah Vardy

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Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah Vardy spoke to Team Jersey about Women Empowerment and other prominent issues, including her own predicament in her previous marriage. Rebekah a.k.a Becky Vardy is one of the most talked-about footballer WAGs in the page-3 circuit. She responded to each question thrown at her with utmost honesty and so we rate this the most “Boombastic” Interview of the year.


Let’s know more about it…


Rebekah, thanks for speaking to Jersey Football Magazine. Every fan of yourself, Jamie and Leicester wants to know this, how do you handle playing so many roles at once, from a mother to a wife to a Tele celebrity and much more? Do you ever feel exhausted, if not physically perhaps mentally?


We have four children and two are under the age of 3 so I am exhausted all the time regardless of anything else going on in our lives!  I love being a Mum at home with the kids and then when I get the opportunity to do TV work I love that too.  I’m always tired but find me a mother who isn’t!  I wake myself up by doing things like dragging myself to the gym early in the morning, walking the dogs, working in the garden or playing outside with the kids. I’m a very active person and if I wasn’t then I think I would become mentally exhausted to but I really find that being active and outdoors keeps me mentally strong and gives me more energy. 



You came into prominence with Jamie. You two are among the most talked-about celeb couple all across England and outside. How did you and Jamie happen? And, how have things changed as a couple among you after you got married?


I was an event planner when I met Jamie, I was booked to plan his birthday party at a nightclub in Sheffield.  I didn’t meet him until the actual party as his friends were organising it so the first time I saw him he was drunk, he spoke to me and I didn’t really pay any attention as I was sober working and he seemed like a drunk idiot! Fortunately, first impressions were wrong on this occasion. Jamie got my phone number from his friend and started asking me out on a date.  I said no for a long time but then I realised that he made me laugh when I spoke to him and it was nice to smile and feel happy as I hadn’t been happy for many months.  So I went on a date with him and the rest is history!


What does football mean to you?


Football has been a part of my life from day one.  My Dad came to England from Madeira when he was very young and was a gifted footballer so he played for a few clubs but in those days racism was rife and his face didn’t fit because of his tanned skin and Portugese accent.  He quit playing football but still loved it so when I was a child he always had football on the TV and took me to matches.  I loved all sport so really liked watching with him.  He is a Liverpool fan so I was raised as a red too.


We’ve known you being the biggest pillar of support for Jamie, and every sportsman comes through rough times. What magic medicine do you have that every year Jamie’s stature as a footballer is growing by a margin?


Jamie’s success is all down to hard work and resilience; he never gives up and is always proving his doubters wrong.  All I do is support him as much as I can. I go to his games, I keep our home life happy and grounded and we don’t really go out very often or live a glamorous lifestyle so perhaps being grounded helps. Jamie’s agent always says that he wouldn’t have got his England call up without me, but that’s only because I was honest with Jamie and I pointed out that he needed to go out less, cut some toxic friends out of his life and look at who didn’t have his best interests at heart.  I don’t know if that’s true though, I think the only person who Jamie needs to thank for his stature growing as a footballer is himself….and maybe his agent! 


Do you think being a star spouse, you’re losing your own identity somewhere? 


It’s a strange situation when you’re spouse goes from only being known in your local area to becoming a household name.  Often most women who are married to footballers stay out of the limelight themselves so their identity definitely remains their own as their friends and family don’t judge them on who their spouse is.  However my situation was very different. Jamie was suddenly in the public eye thanks to the huge accomplishments that he has made in his career so suddenly it wasn’t only the sport press who were interested in him, his whole life was under the microscope which included me.  This meant that people from my past found it easy to tell lies about me to the press and eventually I had enough and decided not to sit back and take it anymore as I was losing my identity by being branded as something that I wasn’t.  It was much better for me to have a relationship with the press so people knew who I really was and I think because I have such a strong character I don’t lose my identity. Yes, I am married to Jamie and I am very proud to be his wife and we are a team, but I am also a person in my own right and I have been very sure not to slip into the stereotypical role of a trophy wife who loses her own identity.

Do you ever not feel lost in the transition? (We sure believe you have your own mad days!) What keeps you going as a person, wife and a mother?


I can be very fiery so I certainly have my mad days but I try to keep those to myself.  I try to channel my frustrations into positive energy at the gym and I relax by spending time with Jamie and the children. I love nothing more than a family holiday where we can all be together. My children are what keeps me going, Jamie is extremely supportive of everything I do, but the main thought in my mind is always providing for the children’s futures.


Rebekah, Tell us all about your charity projects. What triggered you to be a part of these projects and when did you feel most strongly about giving back to the society?


We are in a very fortunate position where we live a comfortable life and are both in the public eye, I think that anyone who has a voice that the media will listen to has a social responsibility to support charity projects in any way they can. I work with a few charities.  The Dorothy Goodman School is a local school to us for children with special needs. Jamie and I both make regular visits to spend time in the classrooms and meet the kids who attend the school as well as help support them with fundraising. In return they were hugely supportive of me when I was on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. The Dorothy Goodman School is very special to me. I am also an Ambassador to a charity called Enough Abuse UK, a charity which teaches parents and carers how to protect their children from sexual abuse via a range of training sessions from staying safe online to looking out for the signs of an abuser and grooming. Someone who was close to my family abused me in my teens and I think the training that Enough Abuse UK offers is invaluable.  I aim to help them get their training courses into schools across the UK. I’m also a patron Hope Against Cancer and I offer my support to a local homeless shelter in Leicester called The Bridge. I also try to help as many smaller charities and individuals as I can on a case-by-case basis.



Rebekah, JFM comes from the region (India) where Women Abuse has been an unfortunate reality. We believe its plagued every country or society across the world. We would like to know what plans do you have to expand your horizon to influence many lives outside UK?


In all honesty, with four of my own children at home I have had very few chances to travel without them to work with International charities. I would love to expand my horizons and help people outside of the UK. Although I haven’t worked with any specific women’s charities, I did raise some money to help Syrian refugees in Calais. I had just given birth to Finley and when I saw images of how these little children were having to survive in the Calais ‘Jungle’ I wanted to do something to help. Dor the future I’m currently in talks with a UK based Lawyer with the intention of helping women who are being imprisoned in countries all over the World and desperately need legal aid and support.


Say if there was movie on Vardy’s’ life, who do you think would do justice to your character? And Jamie’s? And the little bird? - 


Rebekah, the whole world wants to take a peek into a celeb house. Would you walk us through the daily life of a superstar footballer’s family? The world believes that they eat gold and take their Ferraris to go from room to room in their multi-million mansions (Wink). Is that true?


Haha! Our house is a family home, there are dogs running around, kids playing, we have pigs and chickens too!  Our life isn’t what anyone would expect it to be. It’s all very normal and chaotic, we’re always busy.  We eat a regular breakfast, I take the kids to school, Jamie drives to training.  Sometimes I go to the gym or other days I have to catch the train to London to do TV or media work.  When I’m at home I’m usually tidying up, picking dog poo up from the garden, cleaning out the chickens and pigs, then I go through my emails, there is always work to be done for our V9 Academy, which I deal with the marketing and sponsorship for. Finley is always at home and Sofia only goes to nursery a few days a week to I’m always on duty in one way or another. I pick the kids up from school and do their homework with them then we all have a family meal in the evening.  Followed by bath-time and bed. We don’t live a glamorous day to day lifestyle!

Share your experience in your latest expedition with I'm A Celebrity 2017… 


It was an amazing experience, something that I felt really privileged to be asked to be a part of.  It was a massive learning experience for me and when I left the jungle and watched the show back, the edited TV version really didn’t reflect the wonderful experience that we had all had together but that is the power of TV!  Yes, there were ups and downs in there but overall it was great and a completely unique experience that we were all lucky to be a part of.


Has Tele helped you find the real Rebekah? Or is it just another stint for you?


I already know the real Rebekah, it’s everyone else who is still learning who I really am! The jungle made me realize a few things about myself – like I need to smile more, I have such a moody face and I didn’t even realise!



There’ve been rumours of you asking Jamie to relocate to London. Why’s that so? 


I would never ask Jamie to relocate. That rumour was circulated when Arsenal were interested in him but I made it clear at the time that Jamie’s career is his business and not down to me in any way.  We love our life and our kids go to school near Leicester so it would have been a massive upheaval for us as a family anyway, but I just stayed out of it.  A lot of my media work is in London though so I’m currently in the process of looking for an apartment to use whilst I’m working in London.


Rebekah, where do you see yourself in the next five years as an individual? Can we see you doing a few motion films too?


Probably exactly where I am now! Looking after the kids, doing some media work, doing charity work, supporting Jamie’s career and working on the V9 Academy. I would love to write a book and host a documentary on a subject that I am passionate about.  I don’t know about motion films! Although I have to admit that Bollywood movies look like a lot of fun, I love dancing and all of the glamour, so I’m definitely more up for Bollywood than Hollywood!


Rebekah, Vardy is a big name among the football fans in Asia, especially India. Your message for Jersey Football Magazine and the team? And the fans?


Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read this interview.  I love Asia and have spent time in the UAE, the Maldives, Thailand and Hong Kong, we are yet to visit India but I definitely hope to one very day soon. I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and encourage my children to experience them too. I took my eldest daughter on a trip to support Leicester City in Hong Kong and Thailand recently and we enjoyed it so much that we can’t wait to visit Asia again very soon.

Is Becky Vardy most famous footballer WAG?


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