Minerva Punjab Launches Criminal Defamation Lawsuit Against Football Federation

Rohit Ganguly  |  Controversy  |  8 Months Ago

It seems that amongst the din of the quadrennial extravaganza raking the world, Indian football is making all the necessary cacophony to blare out loud in the ears of the nation's football zealots.


A few days ago, I-League champions Minerva Punjab FC owner, Ranjit Bajaj, was fined a hefty sum of INR 10 lakhs and was banned from any football activities under the auspices of AIFF. This punition was imposed on him as a consequence of his racial abuse against Pynsekhame Mawthoh during an ongoing U-18 I-League match between Minerva and Aizawl. Heena Bajaj, the director of Minerva Punjab voiced out a strong rant about AIFF, deprecating their decision to incriminate Ranjit Bajaj. She stated that AIFF never gave them any time to validate their cause against the complaint.


Bajaj was extremely industrious in his club’s triumph in the precursor edition of I-League, where Minerva Punjab walked away with the bragging rights thumping Churchill Brothers in the grand finale. However, while the league was afoot, he went at loggerheads with the apex body of football, AIFF in the nation in a coup to highlight certain illegal approaches towards his players and his club’s gaffer. His remarks and allegations compelled AIFF to bring in CBI for the first time in Indian football in an attempt to clear any depravity in the game.

In an interview with Jersey, Commentator Novy Kapadia stated that this was an exaggeration on AIFF’s part. In his perspective, this matter could have been settled by Javed Siraj, the investigation officer of AIFF. When asked about the fine imposed on Ranjit Bajaj, Novy once again stated that Ranjit is an emotional human being and he tends to do things in a moment of the spur which is probably not extremely adorable for the game, but he ensures that no permanent damage is done.


Now, after all this riff-raff, AIFF has been rocked by an allegation of astronomical proportion from Heena Bajaj, the director of Minerva Bajaj. There was an early defamation case filed by her against AIFF as a Civil Defamation Suit on 30th May 2018, seeking for redressal of 1 crore in the court of Sh.  Akashdeep Mahajan (CJM), Chandigarh. The latest case which has been filed by her is a Criminal Defamation Suit against AIFF disciplinary Committee Chairman, Mr. Ushanath Banerjee, AIFF and other AIFF officials in the court of Gitanjali Goel (HMIC), Chandigarh, which is pending for 20th July 2018.


Heena Bajaj has stated, “We have not taken the grave accusations levelled against the club owner and director Ranjit Bajaj lightly. The language used by the Disciplinary Committee Chairman Usha Nath Bannerjee and others in the order passed against Ranjit Bajaj dated 30.05.2018 is sensational and defamatory, without any real merit or proof. I am sure that any Judge will be able to recognize the motive to malign us, we have faith in the judicial system and are confident that in the end, the truth will triumph.”


Now it is intriguing to see that is this a battle of truth which has been waged between Ranjit Bajaj and AIFF or it is a simply a clash of two astronomical egos? Who will prevail, is still not certain. However, the war has just begun. We are still too see it being duked out in several stages.

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