Novy Kapadia Takes On ATK's Social Media For This Silly Mistake

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As we’re nearing the end of the most prestigious event in the international football, Indian football has been making some loud noises and they have been audible enough to several fans and pundits. From Kolkata, Quess East Bengal and ATK are duking out an unannounced rivalry in order to rope in the best foreign players to adorn their ranks.


ATK is highly involved(rumoured) in talks with German stalwart, Bastian Schweinsteiger, the German World Cup winner, who has plied his trade for big clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester United. On the contrary, East Bengal has already roped in the World Cup player, Johnny Acosta Zamora, who was quite a sturdy defender in the ranks of Costa Rica, who recently participated in 2018 World Cup in Russia.


To confirm a signing in the ongoing heat of the rivalry, ATK announced their signing with the ex-Moroccan midfielder, Noussair El Maimouni. This is where this actual piece originates.


ATK’s official twitter handle read as —

This statement very clearly exhibits a glaring error in the placement of a couple of words. The words were “welcome” and “joining”. Now with the social media managers being shelled out loads of money, silly mistakes like these come with a massive backlash.


This was no exception. Guess, who was the first one to point it out? It was none other than the Indian football pundit, Novy Kapadia. Novy has been known for his knowledge about Indian football and his witty ones.  Well, this one came from his parody account , and the man took no time to pick a controversy on Twitter. It read as —

Well, Novy Kapadia's unofficial Twitter name says that Professor Sahib is "Evil Novy".


Is he?

Is Novy Kapadia "Evil"?


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