From Barcelona To Bengaluru, Everyone Is Behind Kerala

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Tragedy  |  8 Months Ago

The state of Kerala is suffering one of the worst natural calamities in almost a century claiming at-least 100 casualties so far. Thousands of people have lost their homes overnight and are at the mercy of government for their basic necessities. Kerala is one of the biggest football hubs of the nation and to see God's own country suffering the wrath of nature has moved the entire footballing world. 


In a fantastic gesture, many international and local clubs have come together to express their solidarity and support for Kerala during these tough times. The local clubs have urged their supporters to contribute as much as they can to chief minister's flood relief fund. 


FC Barcelona, one of the biggest clubs in the world have put a condolences message for the victims of the floods in India. The touching message was accompanied by a designed photo of the first team with an Indian tricolour in the backdrop.

However FC Barcelona aren’t the only club from La Liga to pray for the South Indian team. Another Catalonian club, Girona FC, who participated in a pre season tournament in Kerala have also expressed their support for the beautiful state. 



The entire Indian footballing world are actively trying to help in whatever way they can. 




Bengaluru FC, one of the firecest rivals of Kerala Blasters on the field have organised a relief items collection campaign to help their brothers in need. They aren't the only club to come forward as many ISL and I league clubs are rendering helping hands. 





Various fan groups have also put forward their efforts in helping the state. Thousands of people are in dire need of food and other basic necessities. It is heartening to see that the on field rivals are coming together to help their fellow brothers and sisters. Tough situations bring the best out of us and it is indeed humanity that triumphs all. 



Rivals on the field, Indians off it. 


We at Jersey hope and pray for one of the most beautiful states in our country. It's time you do your bit. If you want to contribute to the relief fund please visit

Have you donated for Kerala yet?


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