Pearl Academy Graduate Typifies The ATK Fanship With His FanCrest Design Before The Season Opener

Rohit Ganguly  |  Tuff-Questions  |  5 Months Ago

ATK, the ISL franchise from Kolkata has recently stooped to their lowest ever ebb in the preceding season of Indian Super League. In their first essay after falling out with Spanish giants, Atletico Madrid, Kolkata failed to make any lasting impression on the league and to add to their deplorable woes, the fanbase of ATK suffered a massive choke. Not only this was the maiden year of I-League and ISL divide, it was also a major gulf amongst the fans of ATK and the two other giants from Bengal, Mohun Bagan, and East Bengal.


In an attempt to rebrand ATK into something new, a protege from one of the most renowned designing institutions, Pearl Academy, whose roots span to Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai, took an initiative to design logo that resonates the culture of football in the city of Kolkata. 



Pearl Academy boasts of a 95 percent placement record for the last three years and shares its allegiance with illustrious organisations such as Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IID). Pearl Academy proudly claims its membership with the Laureate International Universities Network, a global network catering to 25 countries. The Academy also shares a professional bond with renowned global institutions such as London College of Fashion (UK), Domus Academy (Italy), Media Design School (New Zealand) and NABA (Milan) amongst many others.

Jersey Football Magazine was intrigued by this initiative and in an effort to show its support to this budding designer, we decided to set a few questions for this prodigy, Aravind Narayanan. Here’s the excerpt from our detailed conversation…



Aravind, Give us a brief introduction about yourself and how much are you into football?

Thank you Rohit for speaking to me. I completed my graduation in Communication Design, specialising in Graphics, from Pearl Academy, Noida, this year. I’m currently employed by one of the most reputed brands in the country and happy to have designed the fan crest. I am a big fan of football and I follow Liverpool and Indian National team. I also play the game having taken part in local football tournaments. Apart from football being my favourite sport, I have played Cricket (district level), Basketball (Zonals), and also enjoy playing, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Pool.



What encouraged you to design ATK FanCrest, and not KKR, considering their humongous following in India and abroad?

My immense love for  football was the predominant reason that I decided to brand the fan ship of ATK, considering how different fan clubs across India are being treated. The other being the ever-increasing popularity of football in India. We are no longer a generation that follows only cricket. We have started to look at football as our game like our fathers looked at Cricket or Hockey. India is also one of the biggest markets of European football. With India having hosted the U-17 FIFA World Cup, the ISL successfully completing its fourth edition, and the Indian National Team putting up a string of brilliant performances, it can be said that Football will become a formidable force in our country in the years to come.



What has been the support of the faculty in designing the logo?

The faculty at Pearl has been exceptional. There is nothing more I can ask of them. Everyone guided me through every step of the way to come up with this logo that would do justice to the fans. Hundreds and hundreds of iterations were created to arrive at the final logo. In terms of the concept as well as the technical details of the logo, feedbacks have been precious.



Would you describe why and how you narrowed down to this logo? What are the components in it and how are they relevant to ATK or their fan base?

I had explored three different routes during the design process. These included using a landmark from Kolkata, using the Royal Bengal Tiger, and shield and stripes. As I made progress, in my personal view I came to realise that nothing else had the character of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The majestic icon could be associated with the sport of football and the city alike.


After going through the initial rounds of exploring the form of the tiger on paper, digital iterations were made. The tiger form was then put alongside the name of the club and the shield. Hundreds of iterations were made to see which typeface, which form of the shield looked the best. Feedbacks were then taken from my mentors, faculty members, peers, and members of my football team and after hours of work, I finally concluded upon this.

If ATK fans adopts this logo, let’s say, would you say it’ll help connect to the larger audience? Do you think this crest has any relevance to the Bengali people? If yes, how?

The logo that I have designed is a bit easier to remember as it is distinct and free of clutter. If you place this logo next to the other ISL logos or even other sports team logos in the country, you’d see this standing out, because of its simplified form. According to me, the logo along with the accompanying brand language cannot only help in strengthening the fan base in Kolkata but also to gain newer audience in other geographical regions in India. Further down the road, when Indian football would become a global force, ATK would have already prepared itself to be miles ahead from its competitors in terms of a solid and cohesive design language.


The crest features a Royal Bengal Tiger. Bengalis have been pioneers in every field that they stepped into. What better than a Royal Bengal Tiger to represent a Bengali, an animal that takes pride in its existence.  


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