AIFF Lifts The Ban From Minerva Punjab Owner Ranjit Bajaj

Rohit Ganguly  |  Controversy  |  5 Months Ago

After a lot of deliberations, AIFF has finally decided to withdraw the ban previously imposed on Ranjit Bajaj for alleged hurling racial abuse against Pynskhemhame Mawthoh, a referee who was supervising Minerva’s U-18 Youth League playoff.


As per the report filed by the match commissioner Biswajit Mitra, the chairman of the disciplinary committee supervising this incident, Ushanath Banerjee has eventually decided to underpin the allegation and let AIFF call the shots against Ranjit Bajaj.


AIFF imposed a one year ban on Ranjit Bajaj from all kind of footballing activities for the Punjab owner and also fined him a sum of ten lakhs.


Henna Bajaj the director of the club was surprised with this incident and articulated her discontent with the sudden manifestation of this precarious decision by AIFF. She even admonished this action and confirmed that she will take necessary action in order to vindicate Ranjit Bajaj.

AIFF decided to deliberate the matter and after quite a prolonged discussion, they have now lifted the ban for Ranjit Bajaj aside which implies that he will be able to grace the stands again and will be upholding his team from the sidelines.


Bajaj shot to prominence after Minerva Punjab won the championship in the previous I-League campaign coming back from a number 8 finish in their debut edition.

Ranjit tweeted that, “Today was really great for me as my one year ban by Aiff was set aside for now ....... it vindicates my stand all along and it’s so great to be able to be back on the touchline again with my boys ..... @ILeagueOfficial @minervapunjabfc


However, with all the positivity around, the discussion and the reason to broach the discussion was still kept under the table by AIFF, thereby leaving the fans in a haze. This kind of opaque decisions is sure to raise questions against the integrity of the apex football body in India. 

Was AIFF right to ban Ranjit Bajaj in the first place?


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