Jorge Costa Curses his Own Players In “The Penalty Controversy”

Nitish Bhan  |  Controversy  |  4 Months Ago

Mumbai City FC hosted domestic rivals FC Pune City in their second home game of the season at the Mumbai Football Arena on the 19th of October. The atmosphere was as expected, quite intense and both teams wanted to take back something from the game, with both sides looking to register their first win of the new campaign.


The game did not start off according to what most fans and pundits would have thought. After a few crazy minutes of the play that resulted in nothing, the hosts managed to score a rather luck-driven goal when Sougou gave them the lead in the 25th minute. Things only got better for them when Bastos added a second on the verge of half-time from the spot. Pune had quite a few chances, though they just had a bad day in converting them into figures. 


Eventually, the second half produced no more goals, though the home side did get a chance to score a third when they got another spot-kick towards the end of the game. Despite a slight debate between Lucian Goian and Arnold about who should take the spot kick, eventually it was the former who did. However, his shot was saved and this might not have gone down well with some of his team-mates.

Though there were a lot of stories cooking, Jorge Costa had this to say in his post match presser, when questioned  about the incident, "They know the line-up for the spot-kicks. First is Rafael Bastos and if he doesn't feel confident, then Goian. I am the boss, I take decisions and they follow it.”


"If any player tries to act smart, that will not be tolerated. In my mind, I am clear about things and the team follows”


These were not just some strong words by the boss of Mumbai City FC, but an implicit warning to the acting smart men of his side. It was good to see that he had things under control and how he knew what he exactly wants from his team. What followed next was a little funny though.


When I asked him the next question, the response was rather surprising…


“Do you think that you have broken the jinx of a poor home record or poor form with this win today?”

To this, Costa responded, “I did not know of any such jinx. We won today. The fans are happy, the players are happy and I am happy. This audience here is happy and I hope that we can win again next time and make 9000 more people happy!!”


Well, maybe he is just not a superstitious man and doesn’t care about such things. Or was he just not aware of the horrific home record that the team has had since the second half of last season? Whatever be the case, it was a well deserved win for the team and they do deserve to enjoy this big triumph over a team that has really been impressive last term.


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