The History of Champions League in Numbers...

Will Griffee  |  Champions League  |  5 Months Ago

If you think the Champions League you see in tele goes only back to your father's generation or maybe your great grandfather's generation, you're wrong entirely. While many of you may be aware that the Champions League used to have another name upon its inception, it took many folds over the years to brng about the product that's not only the most lucrative tournament in the world, but the biggest global football rendezvous as well, of course after the FIFA World Cup. 


Here we tried putting the series of events by year to help you understand the updates that the European football followed. 


The European Champions Cup, or European Cup, is Established. 



Joāo Baptista Martins of Sporting Lisbon scores the first European Cup goal.



The first European Cup is won by Real Madrid.



The European Cup Winners’ Cup is launched. contest by the winner of all European domestic cups. 



Fiorentina are the first team to win the European Cup Winners’ Cup.



Celtic become the first British team to win the European Cup. 



Manchester United become the first English team to win the European Cup.



The UEFA Cup is held for the first time; teams qualify based on their performance in domestic league and cup competitions. 



Tottenham Hotspurs are the winners of the inaugural UEFA Cup final. 



Juventus become the first club to win all three European Cups. 



Romania’s Steaua Bucuresti are the first Eastern European side to win the European Cup.



The UEFA Champions League replaces the European Cup. 




French club Marseille wins the first Champions League title.



The best runner-ups were included in the Champions League.



Manchester United are the first British winners of the Champions League. 



The European Cup Winners’ Cup is retired by UEFA; Italian club Lazio were the last winners. 



The Champions League format is expanded to include up to four teams per country. 



The UEFA Cup is expanded and rechristened the UEFA Europa League. 



Spain’s Atletico Madrid are the first Europa League Champions. 



Real Madrid win La Décima — their 10th Champions League trophy. 


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