Paul The Virus Pogba – Mourinho tears apart the World Cup winner

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Controversy  |  2 Months Ago

There were many superlatives used to describe the world cup winner over the summer. Central to the French dominance, the former Juventus midfielder was expected to set Old Trafford on fire. Instead the only thing on fire is his reputation. 

Pogba is losing the ball more frequently than his hairstyle changes and that is clearly alarming for the Red Devils. The star midfielder has already conceded once earlier this season that his”attitude” was not right in the game. It is happening often, clearly not a good sign for United’s ambition.


The midfielder failed to provide control for the visitors as the struggling saints picked up a surprise point against hosts. 


“I think because we lost so many balls in midfield” – Mourinho after his sides disappointing performance.


In the aftermath of the game, the Portuguese coach reportedly tore into the Frenchman in the dressing room. In the series of reports, it appears that the gaffer called the world cup winner a “virus” in the team. 


“You don't play," Mourinho is alleged to have told Pogba. "You don't respect players and supporters. And you kill the mentality of the good honest people around you”

"You are like a person with flu, with a virus in a closed room - you pass that virus to the others."

Mourinho was apparently pissed with one particular instance in the game when the midfielder lost the ball but failed to track back, the move eventually leading to a shot on United’s goal. 


Manchester United fans expected Pogba to be a nuisance to the opposition but the midfielder is only being a nuisance to himself and his teammates. 


Quotes Courtesy: Telegraph


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