PM Modi Honoured by FIFA Prez Infantino at the G20 Summit

Nitish Bhan  |  Recognition  |  2 Months Ago

In his recent tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thanked FIFA Prez Gianni Infantino for the honour bestowed upon him at the G20 Summit 2018 in Argentina. At the biggest political rendezvous in the world, Infantino was among the guests invited by the host nation for celebrating Politics with Football. Modi was among the recipients of the honour for showing zeal to promote Football in India since he assumed the PMO. This is the first time any Indian State head being named by FIFA. 

This indeed was a proud moment for Indian football and the fans in particular. Ever since his arrival, Modi has used football as his biggest weapon to connect India with the world. This strategy has not only helped India to make its mark in the global football arena, but also helped in making strategic relations with a few football friendly nations.


India is expected to collaborate with FIFA on bigger projects in the near future that can help develop football in the country on a much higher level. In one of his monthly radio feature, Mann ki Baat, PM Modi has admitted that football is the biggest sport in the world and India will certainly look to grasp the sport with all the more intensity in coming years. With that being said, the success of both ISL and I-League and the high-soaring National team proves that the Prime Minister deserves the honour in every possible way. Though there is a room for more growth and infrastructural advancement, but this mutual admiration and respect can only help that cause lifting up.


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