Kolkata Derby: Another Instance of Poor Refereeing, Complaint Filed

Rohit Ganguly  |  Controversy  |  3 Months Ago

With the entire outcry about poor refereeing which is running amok in the Indian football roster, Debasish Dutta, the financial secretary of Mohun Bagan has alleged R. Venkatesh, the match referee for the Kolkata derby to be unjust and played bias.


A depleted Bagan suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of East Bengal, despite surging ahead early in the match. Azharuddin scored the opener for Bagan, while a brace from Damawia Ralte and an acrobatic finish from Jobby Justin helped East Bengal to secure a two-goal cushion. Though Dicka pulled a goal back in the 75th minute but even that failed to do anything further, as Mohun Bagan’s undefeated streak in the Kolkata derbies came to a halt.

Debasish Dutta has hinted at unfair officiating in the game, which he believes was one of the probable reasons why Bagan had to bow down to a numerically superior East Bengal.


Dutta cited, “The referee was an embarrassment. The referee made it enormously difficult for the players to play properly.”, eluding at the consistent interruptions in the game due to a physical display from both outfits.


Dutta continued, “A good game is when the game ends and you don’t even know who the referee was. I think if more referees knew that‚ we would probably have better football.”


It all commenced with a questionable offside call which could have shifted either way as it was not clear that whether Damawia Ralte was onside or did he just escape the trap in the nick of the time to score the second goal for East Bengal.


Dutta carried on with his protests saying, “Was it offside? Yes. Everyone would agree that it was offside, but that’s not important. All that is important is what the three or four gentlemen with the whistles think. We never got any decisions for us.”


He was also heard saying, “I am not making excuses because we lost the match, East Bengal played better and they deserved it. All I want is Mohun Bagan to be refereed fairly and I didn’t think we were refereed fairly.”


Dutta concluded saying, “We have filed an official complaint to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and we really hope this type of instances won’t be repeated in the future because the whole world follows the Kolkata derby with a lot of anticipation and when they see officiating like this, they laugh at Indian football.”


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