Indian Youtube Sensation Bhuvan Bam Welcomed by Manchester City

Sabari Jagannathan  |  Inspiration  |  2 Months Ago

Indian Bollywood stars visiting premier league stadiums is nothing new. But you will be astonished to see that a Manchester based club has rolled it's red carpet to welcome one of the YouTube stars from our country. 


Bhuvan Bam, who is known for becoming the first Indian Youtuber to reach 10 million subscribers, was in attendance at the Etihad for the Sunday blockbuster between City and Arsenal.

The fans were elated with the visit of a star from India and the club tweeted out thanking him for the same. However, the rival club fans did not miss the chance to troll City who is often mocked for their marketing gimmicks and poor attendance. 


Few were quick to point out that this was not the first time that City is trying to do something on that line. 


A fan of Manchester United tweeted, "Now they are buying fans too. 🤣"


Another fan just went a little further citing, "Manchester City inviting Bhuvan Bam to watch a game looool the state of this club". This was followed by a slew of hilarious comments from his fellow Twitterati.

City is figuring it out the hard way that accumulating a loyal fan base is one of the hardest things in world football at the moment. They have invested billions of dollars in developing an academy and have bought big stars by splurging the cash but are struggling to fill their stadium despite some aesthetic football under the chaperonage of Pep.


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