Mbappe stood for Humanity again while others stood for Football

Rohit Ganguly  |  Tragedy  |  2 Months Ago

The lightweight private aircraft carrying Emiliano Sala was flown by Mr David Ibbotson. After securing a record transfer to Cardiff City, Sala went to say his goodbyes to his former teammates at Nantes. However, it turned out to be his goodbye to the world.


The plane on its way back to Cardiff crashed near Guernsey on the 21st of January. Guernsey constabulary started a rigorous search for the wreckage of the aircraft and after three days of rigorous scouring of the seabed with combined efforts of search boats and helicopters, the search was called off.


The authorities cited that possibilities of their survival were remote and the extreme conditions hindered the search for more than once. With the official search being called off, Sala’s family sought the football clubs and players to plead to the government to reinstate the search.


This did not happen though, but the football world witnessed an astronomical act of generosity from several footballers who chipped in with their valuable contributions to raise a fund to start a private search for Sala and Ibbotson. Sala’s body was recovered and identified a few days back but haplessly Ibbotson’s body was not found.


The search was over as all the focus was on Emiliano Sala. The man who got left out in the middle of all the pandemonium was his pilot, David Ibbotson. Now with the search called off, Ibbotson’s family really had no means to fund the search for their kinsman. He hailed from Crowle in Lincolnshire.

Someone called Elie Lottin chipped in with a donation of £27,000 to reinstate another private search. If you are well aware of the full names of footballers, you will know where exactly to search for this man. He was none other than Kylian Mbappe who initiated the go fund me page for Mr Ibbotson. Kylian Mbappe’s full name is Kylian Mbappe Lottin. Gary Lineker came in with his share of contribution by donating £1000 towards the initiative.


Linekar tweeted, “Here’s the Go Fund Me page should you wish to help this poor family: …


Several footballers have since then come in with their valuable contributions towards the initiative which has now garnered £131,922 out of its target £300,000.


However, the two clubs who were the foremost runners in this whole transfer scene is still to make the right noises for David Ibbotson while a zillion tributes have already poured in for Sala.


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