This Is What You Can Lay Your Hands On For A Week's Wage Of Kepa Arrizabalaga

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After the fallout between Chelsea custodian, Kepa Arrizabalaga and his manager, Maurizio Sarri in the recently concluded Carabao Cup final, the triumph of Manchester City got overshadowed.

In the dying embers of the game, despite Sarri's vehement attempt to swap Kepa with veteran Willy Caballero, the Spanish goalie refused to budge and stood his stand. This arrogant gesture from the young goalkeeper not only incensed Sarri but also his managerial team and riveted the attention of the club's disciplinary overseers. 

In the wake of such disciplinary schism from a professional goalkeeper like Kepa, both Sarri and Kepa echoed each other's sentiment, trying to do basic damage control in the post-match conference.

However, this statement did nothing to alleviate the punition which was awaiting the goalie in the next day to arrive. Kepa was fined a week's wages due to his insubordination on the pitch. The amount is supposed to be donated to the Chelsea foundation by the club.

Now, this may sound like a very minimal or a very negligible amount for us as it is only a week's wages. However, when we say that he was bought at a record fee of £71 million by Chelsea, the word 'negligible' doesn't really stand a chance.

If we would have been receiving such copious wages for even a single week, we would have turned out into an uber-rich rockstar amongst not only our friends but also amongst our whole state, riveting attention of bigwigs.

Let's take a glance at what could you have bought for the amount that Kepa was fined for.

If you are a technology freak, guess what, you were in for a deluge of I Phone X's. You could have brought 253 I Phone X's with that amount. I would have been pretty happy with one though.

How about relishing a pint of beer, being a Chelsea fan, while Kepa dives back and forth, left and right, top and bottom, saving piledrivers? Kepa's weekly wage could have purchased you 63333 pints of beer while you would have sat at the pub and hollered at the goalie with equal rage like that of Sarri.

I am kind of a TV Series maniac and the next thing that I am going to tell you will surely help you to chill. Netflix is the word. You can get 1583 years of Netflix subscriptions with Kepa's one week's wages. Umbrella Academy has taken the viewers by storm. However, Sarri's academy showed signs of rust.

Do you call yourself a foodie? I definitely do. If you do as well, we would have been in for a delectable treat as Kepa could have bought us 107344 fresh ASDA pizzas only with one week's wage of his. 

If you are already dreaming and feel hungry, we do understand that it is common. However, this money will be going to the Chelsea foundation as the club has promised. However, if you wish to imagine, give your dreams the wings.


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