FANTASTIC: ROMELU LUKAKU'S house tour is the best thing to see today...

Rohit Ganguly  |  Gossip  |  1 Month Ago

The man of last night’s brilliance, Romelu Lukaku has given our a big confession about who he loves when it comes to playing FIFA. While one could easily make out the chants from the extreme decibel levels emerging out of Parc des Princes, the United fanbase has a not-so-happy news to gulp. Romelu Lukaku took us all on a house tour of his which introduced us to a very talented concealed polyglot who plays for Real Madrid and loves to make some beat.


In a candid interview given to Bleachers Report, Lukaku took the world inside his house to show how a United #9 lives like. The tour started off with music-mixing equipment where Lukaku was all praise about his songs. As we moved further inside, we reached the pool room. A dimly lit room with the pool table in the centre probably showcased the Belgian striker’s taste and class. Lukaku was apparently not happy with the size of his Jacuzzi as he was heard saying that his teammates have bigger ones. Well, physically Lukaku is currently the biggest player in the United line up.


The bomb was waiting to explode in a few seconds. We arrived at the room where he played his Xbox and PlayStation. When asked who does Lukaku play with in FIFA, his answer was Real Madrid. Pressed further about the reason, he kept on laughing after an honest confession a few moments back.


We were next up with his chef called Elo, with whom he very easily conversed in French. Lukaku can speak seven languages, just to let everyone know. Up next we arrived in his TV room which had some fancy technology up for grabs, but sadly due to his absence from the room for a long time, he really couldn’t gun up the technology.


There’s more to this, though. Let’s take a lot here…


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