David de Gea has asked for this Salary to stay back in Manchester

Rohit Ganguly  |  Manchester United  |  3 Weeks Ago

Right since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United hasn’t really bought any iconic players who have left or created an indelible impression either by pledging allegiance to Old Trafford or even on leaving The Theatre of Dreams. A few came pretty close to the brand of gilt-edged football which used to be dished out at United under the chaperonage of Sir Alex. The likes of them includes Zlatan Ibrahimovic, probably Juan Mata and definitely Luke Shaw who is still in the procedure of germination.


However, there has been one name on the cards who has come to the deliverance of Manchester United in their murkiest days and has bailed out the team at the face of several menacing opponents. Say Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and other formidable contingencies from the heart of Europe haven’t had it easy despite a bamboozled United rearguard because of this man’s heroics between the sticks. He is none other than one of the current best goalkeepers of the world, David De Gea.


Touted as one of the best in his forte, De Gea has been an absolute de rigeur in the ranks of Manchester United. However, his contract with United will run out at the end of this season. Major worries doing their rounds in the Manchester dressing room is that if United fails to reach an ultimatum with their most important man in the line-up, De Gea will probably leave for free.


Despite the management’s repetitive efforts, talks have still not materialized due to a staggering sum of money which has been asked by the Flying Spaniard. David De Gea has asked his wage to be £500,000 per week which will make him the third-highest paid footballer in the world. Only Messi and Ronaldo earn within that pay bracket and Neymar is currently placed at third with a weekly wage of £435,000.

With United still to comment, Real Madrid has rekindled their interest in the United shot-stopper. Despite roping in Courtois, the Belgian hasn’t really settled with the Real line-up and probably may be shown the door if they can rope in De Gea.


Real almost ended up roping in the Spanish goalie from United way back in 2015, but a malfunctioning fax machine aided United in keeping their most valuable player from falling into the Spanish hands.


De Gea currently earns an amount of £200,000 per week. United has offered him £350,000 which is almost 1.5 times of his current weekly wage. However, the astronomical amount of £500,000 may very well be too much of an ask, especially with United still intending to splurge a large amount on a major overhaul in their defence.


With all said and done, if United fails to seal the deal shortly, chances are high that Florentino Perez may probably be grinning by now as Madrid has been monitoring this entire situation very closely.


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