Davide Astori's PERPETUAL Contract report by Fiorentina is FAKE

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In a very sad state of affairs, Davide Astori who has passed away over a year ago was again dragged into the limelight, following a very sinister and fake reporting from a Spanish website.


A few hours back, a piece of news that went viral was Fiorentina has reportedly decided to award a posthumous contract to Astori and the proceeds of his financial agreement will be given to his family for life. However, there was no official bedrock for this news and neither a single word from the official social media handles nor any sources close to the club.


The news took an unimaginable flight of fancy and several websites, without even doing an iota of background checking started pervading the rumour at light’s speed.


Just to clarify, the club has already set up a Trust to support Astori’s partner and daughter. However, it seems that fake reporting will not relent unless it has served their furtive intentions to squeeze profits from the situation.


A similar story was also run in March, which was later confirmed to be an absolute sham and it put a lot of media houses to mortification. The story that was disseminated yesterday was emanated in Spain and took flight in Russia, England and Italy.


Astori was a defender of the finest order and left the world for his heavenly abode at an unripe age of 31 years leaving behind a legacy of wonderful memories. Reports claimed that he passed away due to a heart attack in his sleep.


It will indeed be an honourable feat if we can all leave his aggrieved family in peace while they are still to overcome this heartrending and unfathomable loss of Davide.


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