Minerva Punjab defeats Mumbai FC by 2-1 to register their maiden I-League victory

Himanshu Jain  |  Minerva Punjab  |  2 Years Ago

The hard work has finally paid of. The boys in Minerva Punjab outfit have finally got something to cheer for, as they registered their first ever I-League victory. Playing Mumbai FC at home, the debutant Minerva found the net twice, leaving the visitors falling short of one, to claim all three points. Having bagged Five points in Seven matches now, Minerva has managed to leapfrog upon the bottom placed Chennai City FC.


The match kicked-off with both the sides trying to find each others’ exploits, while both sides stood neck-to-neck to manage decent chances upfront. Minerva came twice to scoring while Mumbai were also on the brink of taking the lead when veteran Steven Dias hit a volley just inches over the target. 


Mumbai FC were highly banking on the Santosh Kashyap’s innovative 3-1-4-2 formation, while Minerva played with their tried and tested 4-3-3, which even helped them restricting Churchill Brothers this Wednesday. Mumbai FC have now slumped to sixth position in the standings after losing their 5th in a trot.

The fans saw a sharp turn in momentum in the second half of the game with Minerva looking fierce in the midfield and showed better passing, especially the long pass game which the Coach Surender Singh looked highly dependent upon this season. It was Baoringdao Bodo first in the 57th minute and soon later Anirudh Thapa in the 66th minute who delivered the much needed lead to the hosts. Karan Sawhney pulled out one for the visitors in the 77th minute of the match, but it only proved to be a consolation.

We spoke to today’s goalscorer Baoringdao Bodo about him becoming the youngest player to ever score in I-League and the 17 year old Winger sounded complacent as he informed us about the party like mood of the team. He also whispered on the message that the coach delivered in the Half time interval about the obvious exploit in the opponent’s defence which helped both the scorers getting off the mark.


Well, this victory indeed shows the perseverance and preparedness of the Punjabi outfit Minerva, and like the Owner Ranjt Bajaj insisted to Jersey earlier last month that his side might surprise everyone in the League, and so despite hanging on the 9th position, our Analysts rates them all the higher for the young side that they’re fielding and nurturing which stands way above the rest of the clubs playing much older sides.


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