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Whats really going wrong with Bengaluru FC...

Ragini Sharma  |  Bengaluru FC  |  2 Years Ago

“They need to sometimes accept defeats also…” said an I-League club President on the John Johnson mishap against Churchill Brothers.

I begged to differ with him for defeats aren’t subject to complacency, that too for a club who’s set such high standards for themselves. But the questions remains, what’s really going wrong with Bengaluru FC, which in Indian football scene is considered to be “Indomitable” which is struggling downrightly this season. Bengaluru have now lost three of their last four matches, besides sharing points with DSK Shivajians last night.


Chhetri’s lack of form isn’t a hushed up word anymore. Pundits reckon that the legend is past his prime who now looks sluggish upfroex-nt, with lack of pace and accuracy. They spell it to be the biggest disadvantage for BFC this season. The fact that Bengaluru banked on Chhetri’s brilliance in their first two seasons can’t be denied when the ex-Churchill forward found the net as many as 16 times in the Blue outfit, while he scored just 5 due to prevalent ankle injury in the following season. Him not scoring many goals for BFC certainly effects Roca’s boys badly.


One can’t forget It was Captain Chhetri alongside Eugeneson Lyngdoh who led the debutants Bengaluru by example to lift their second Silverware while helped achieving the unprecedented success in AFC Championship. Its noteworthy that much of Chhetri’s form peaked under the English manager Ashley Westwood, hence  it’s imperative for the Spaniard manager to get Bengaluru’s Talisman back to his best should he challenge for the title.


Talking of Roca, the Honeymoon period seems over for him much early as after his new banner faced three defeats and a draw in a trot. If it was another club nobody would’ve betted an eye, but with Bengaluru the expectations are higher.


The fans couldn’t forget the beating, first by East Bengal and then by Churchill Brothers in I-League, followed by the Jordanian side Al Wehdat SC in the AFC Cup qualifier. The apparent corner by fans also reflected in the season ticket grossing at the Fortress in the last home game. Hence, we can say despite good signings and promise at the start of the season, Roca couldn’t attain conviction or manage the fan base—which happens to be the backdrop of Bengaluru FC, as they say.


Another reasons for Bengaluru’s predicament for not being able to sustain the heat is the lack of coordination in the Defensive line. Johnson was the only standout defender for the Blues in the season so far who’s also been booked for getting excessively emotional in the match against Churchill Brothers, while Juanan and Perriera both tied up to let pierce through the wall. Bengaluru are in serious missing of Alvaro Rubio, which can make Roca land a couple of new faces soon to strengthen the Blues’ fortunes.


Nevertheless, the transition is the phase that every manager fears of. Even though the likes of Udanta, Rino Anto and Ralte have proved themselves at the individual level, they’re yet to build up as a team, the kind that BFC is known for. However, it’s nothing new for them to have a sloppy start in the season. They started their campaign in a much similar fashion but they always maintained to topple the top position towards the end of the season.


“BFC are the champions and they know when to shift the paddle. Roca has seen players developing and is aware of the situation. It’s no problem for us. two good games and we’ll be the favorites again…” says Raghav Sehgal, a Diehard BFC fan.


The fans are assured that their team will thrive, like they’ve shown in the past but this time its another name they’re chanting which might concern a player or two. Hope the torchbearers of Indian football live up to the expectations of their fans.


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