Robin Charles Raja sacked as the Chennai City FC Manager!!

Pulkit Verma  |  Chennai City  |  2 Years Ago


Chennai City has sacked their manager Robin Charles Raja with immediate effect today as per the Press Release this morning. The decision took all the Chennai football lovers by storm as Raja has been one of the most appreciated coaches in Tamil Nadu for his successful Curriculam Vitae. He’s been the driving force behinf Tamil Nadu in Santosh Trophy, besides winning the league with both Chennai Customs and Hindustan Eagles in 2010 and 2012 respectively in CFA Senior Division.


Raja led the new I-League entrants from Tamil Nadu at the beginning of this season and has played seven matches with Chennai City FC. Team Jersey was informed of the dissatisfaction pertaining to the management style at Chennai City last week as the depleting Stadium Attandence and the losign spree by the team was the main concern for the stakeholders. Chennai City started the 2017 campaign with a lot of promise, holding Minerva Punjab FC to a draw at home, to later win over Aizawl FC in the fifth roundup. They lost rest of their matches and currently sits at the bottom of the table.


Even though the decision on the new manager couldn’t be finalised, but we were informed that Chennai City has got over 30 applications and they’re considering an Overseas Manager to succeed Raja, most Probably a Croatian.


Let’s take a look at the statistics describing Robin Charles Raja’s tenure being an I-League manager:


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