Mohun Bagan to play the Return Derby at Barabati, Should Rabindra Sarobar not allowed

Soma Mukhopadhyaya  |  Mohun Bagan  |  2 Years Ago



According to the sources, the next Kolkata Derby between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal might shift to the Barabati Stadium, Cuttack should they get no clearance from Rabindra Sarobar. The return derby, which is scheduled for 9th April as Mohun Bagan’s home game, has been narrowed down to the two choices for the Mariners—Rabindra Sarobar and Barabati Stadium. This decision is the due to the afoot friction with NGT and the security clearance ambiguity from IFA that the back venue was decided by the Authorities.


This is not the first time Mohun Bagan are shifting the venue away from Home. In the first match versus Churchill Brothers, Bagan were forced to play at Barasat Stadium following the High Court ruling not host their matches under floodlight at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium. Erstwhile, the Mariners have also made JLN Stadium in Guwahati, Balewadi Stadium in Pune and Kantiveera Stadium in Bengaluru their temporary home.


Considering the kind of gathering in the derby, everyone including the Mariners believe that it’d be sane for them to remain at Rabindra Sarobar due to No-Covergare issues, which might anger the fans of both sides too. Having said that, Barabati also happens to be the second home to the Mariners as Orissa records the secind biggest fanbase for the Mariners after their Home, which is probably the basis of the selection over Guwahati.


The clearance on the Stadium will come by 30th March and hence the confirmed stadium details will be out for the fans.


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