Mohun Bagan's latest training "Mask" is catching eyeballs

Soma Banerjee  |  Mohun Bagan  |  2 Years Ago

Mohun Bagan’s innovative training methods have started catching the eyeballs. The latest one is the new training mask that the club has implemented for the players which has even started gaining them positive outcomes. It was recently that Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli has been seen wearing such a mask while doing strength and fitness training and today most of the Bagan force including the Haitian striker and talisman Sony Norde was seen training wearing the mask under the guidance of the Mariner’s Physio Abhinandan Chatterjee. 


Abhinandan detailed this training to be helpful in increasing the efficiency of the players as the mask leads to the higher blood circulation rate, which in turn helps increased stamina on and off the pitch. Its said to be used for uphill training without going to the mountains. Hence, this helps players sustaining the game exhaustion for more than 90 minutes.


This is called RMT Mask, or Respiratory Muscle Training Mask. This is basically a concentrated form of workout, which is thrice more effective than the regular workout. 


Of late, Mohun Bagan’s innovative training techniques and form are exciting the fans and its certainly a big plus for the club, and if we believe the club officials and the coach, its the big man Abhinandan Chatterjee to be credited entirely for this success. 


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