The Postmortem: Churchill stunned Bagan, "Flop" Aizawl flying high

Arijit Mukherjee  |  The Postmortem  |  2 Years Ago


What a brilliant display of football we had in the 12th round; an intriguing one having a major bearing on the final result of the league.

Aizawl arguably were the most demanding place to visit for almost all the clubs in the League. Khalid Jamil’s men carried on their all time best form at home as they notched up another victory to reach on top of the table—Though only for the time being. They were simply awesome at home and buoyed by their vociferous home support. Rightly so does the “Fail Coach” takes pride in seeing the “Fail Club” taking its soar…


Yellow Army on the other hand is going from bad to worse with the club still persisting with the boss after all the hiccups that he’s caused. The team is imploding and with Kashyap’s alleged “mishandling of the team”, there seems to be no safe haven for him other than to step down of the position by himself. Mumbai this season has failed to play their own brand of football as the yellow outfits are devouring into the darkest dark. Well, not only are the Mumbai FC the poor travellers, they’re finding it difficult to save their skins on their own pitch as well. Initially we including some of the top guys in the trade believed it to be a normalcy that clubs face with new incharge, but the massive outrage now hovering grey clouds. 


Major title contenders East Bengal travelled to The Scotland of the East to get some records straight and without their two top-scorer Wedson and Plaza, exorcised their voodoo against Singto’s men and came out comfortable winners— courtesy braces from Pain, Oops, its Payne, though he has started paining the opposition already. Even though the Bengalis clinched all three points but it’d be unfair if the Highlanders are left upraised. Shillong had more than just the fair chances to win the match as they were extremely profligate afore the goalpost, they attacked in waves but somehow they were extremely wasteful, even their “Renaissance Man” Dipanda missed clear chances to be eventually punished. However, the Red and Gold brigade continued advancing towards their maiden league title to eventually marking it up in all these years.


The biggest upset of the round happened when the mighty Mariners travelled to Goa and got their sails punctured at the hands of Darreck Parreira’s boys. With him at the helm of affairs, Churchill has seen a new confidence in the way they’re playing football. They are in fine nick and are completely transformed from the rudderless ship who started the campaign as one of the favourites for the wooden spoon. They made short work of two fatal lapses of concentration at the Bagan citadel to eke out a come from behind victory on the title contenders. No one actually saw that coming though Churchill of old has always been a thorn in the flesh of the Kolkata giants.


MohunBagan on the other hand can only blame themselves for the costly slip at a crucial juncture of the league and they actually looked pretty unconvincing on the road and would worry Sanjoy Sen as they have deadly away matches coming in the upcoming few rounds. Another major concern for MB would be the lack of goals from the midfield which has been their area of strength in the last two seasons. This year some of their stars have looked jaded, though the league is still open because of Bagan.


Well, one thing that Mohun Bagan’s this years’ side can’t overrule is the Highlighter in the match. This time it came right after the hosts scored their second when the light went out for as long as 40 minutes at Tilak Maidan and the Mariners standing in the dark was symbolic of their performance on the night.

Another inevitable activity in MB’s match is the controversy. After the match few of the Bagan players also got involved in a scuffle with some of their own travelling fans and the security at the stadium. Eric Cantona may have got reincarnated for a few moments but neither party got the chance to apply the Kungfu Kick into the stand this time I guess!!

In the other end of the country, Chennai City held DSK to share the spoils at home. DSK have been an enigma this season, actually being the Indian replica of their Academy Partners Liverpool. Shivajians are on a roller-coaster this season, winning in the tough matches and fumbling to the entrants. From managing to play attacking football to playing deep at defence, Dave Rodgers’ strategy to demolish the opponents  has taken a U-turn back into his own crew. 

Nothing much to say about Chennai City they have been solid at the back and put on workmanlike performance day in and day out and eking out points without being attractive and flamboyant.

After a month and a half and seven games, the Champions of India at last got back to winning ways in Punjab. They managed get better of Minerva in an away fixture  courtesy the lone goal from Lenny Rodriguez. Though Bengaluru won, Rocha must not be satisfied with the kind of performance his side put up as Minerva though lost but projected good defence. Bengaluru looked pretty ordinary until now, thought they have moved up to 4th with this win and would look to build on this in the remaining six matches to conquer back some of their lost glory.

Well, Another exhilarating round of football has gotten over with upheavals in the league table. It has been interesting to see the league developing into a more competitive warfare, though though my expectation was to see East Bengal getting off the hook, which they aren’t. 


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