Opening day banter for Arsenal

Raghav Rajshree  |  Aizawl FC  |  2 Years Ago



Never in the history of Premier League has it happened that a champion started off the campaign with a defeat except for Manchester United in the 1995-96 season. A 3-1 opening day defeat to Aston Villa sparked a heated debate as whether Alex Ferguson will be able to resuscitate with such a young team, before the Reds actually embarked on a ten match unbeaten streak to eventually triumph the title. And the last 10 titles that Manchester United missed out on, the winners have won eight of their openers, drawing just two.


A loss on the first day on the season can be detrimental to any side’s chance of lifting the trophy. The stats say that only 13% of the clubs(across the world) have managed to win the league after the first game defeat. 


With the perspective of the ongoing 2016-17 season, the opening day results have created a lot of stir amongst the fans with the uncertain setbacks for the likes of Arsenal, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and the Champions Leicester. It’ll be worth analysing as to how the contenders like Arsenal, Spurs and Leicester, who are relying massively on existing talents will shoot up the table in the months to come. 


Arsenal lost to Liverpool at home with a thrilling 3-4 result on Sunday afternoon. Even though Arsenal has lost just one of their last 14 opening day league fixtures, but settings off the season on a wrong foot will certainly haunt the boss at least till Christmas. Though its a very low percentage considering each season to be of 38 games, but it certainly leaves an effect for a good start is imperative for a successful campaign. 


In this markup, Chelsea thrived most opening day of the seasons having taken 50 points at an average of 2.17 points per game and the win ratio of staggering 61%. They even hold the biggest opening day victory record in the history of Premier League as they conquered West Brom in 2010. Manchester United comes second in this record having the same win percentage, just lost one game extra to the 4 of Chelsea. 

Not only does the opening game may effect the title contendership, its a fact that the opening game result also chooses the clubs to be relegated. As per Pinnacle, just 20% of the clubs relegate those who win their opening day fixtures. Even for bettors, it gets easy for them to put their hands on the ones who’ve picked a win on the first weekend of the season. 


I hope this helps you battle your fate if you’re betting (Not legal in India) or if you’re yet to choose your favourite club for the season. Like I said before, first game doesn't impact too much as the first ten games are only the comforters. The league contenders actually pop out by Christmas. 


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