Better late than Never: The mighty Mohun Bagan eventually goes under the AIFF Axe

Rajat Dhamija  |  Mohun Bagan  |  2 Years Ago

Even though the Mariners are still in the title contention in this year’s I-League, but club’s misconduct has finally come out in public after SAI launched a complaint against the mighty Mohun Bagan after their U18 I-League match in Kolkata this month. 


Even though the news has been 10 days old now but the effect is lasting. As the competition is getting all the more competitive, fielding an “Overaged” player in the squad is no less than maligning the sanctity of the sport. It’s absolutely the “Zeroeth” level of sports spirit and coming this from a 100 year old “Heritage” club, having a plethora of talent is hurting everyone to be frank. It’s shocking as to how in the earth does Mohun Bagan not have “One” more U18 player to accommodate in the squad.


Well, no matter how Self-Righteous Bagan gets into this whole matter of playing Subhankar Sanyal against SAI in the group stage match in U18 I-League, AIFF Disciplinary committee has finally done one right thing to maintain the spirit of the sport, i.e. Suspending them for a month, which means Bagan wouldn’t be allowed to play their Final Stage matches and hence, Exit!


On top of this, Mohun Bagan were also asked to pay a fine of Rs. 1 Lakh for the disgraceful act. 


We spoke to some of the eternal MB fans about the whole matter and Guilt outburst is the most common reaction that we gathered from them. It’s certainly going to blemish Bagan’s dominance among the fans about the practices that the club is performing and even though it’s not a very big of an incident, its big enough to raise several questions.  



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