What happened when Virat Kohli once played for Mohun Bagan...

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The news of Virat Kohli shining for Mohun Bagan isn’t fake. While the heartthrob Indian Cricket team’s prodigious captain Virat Kohli is known for taking the opponents down with his impeccable batting, very few knows that the Captain “Aggressive” also had his strings attached to India’s most Iconic and the  unofficial “National Club of India”, Mohun Bagan when he played for them in his pre-early days of stardom.


It was in 2009 when the 20 year old Virat Kohli produced a blistering 184 off 121 to fashion Mohun Bagan’s 97 run victory over Town Club in P. Sen Trophy invitational Cricket Tournament at the Eden Gardens. It was a period when Mohun Bagan were flourishing highly in the game of Cricket and had Manish Pandey and Wriddhiman Saha alongside Virat in their arsenal. The trio helped putting up 312 on the scoreboard in 50 overs to eventually throttle the other side.


Mohun Bagan, the name itself gives a hint of a high intensity football as the Kolkata based club has always been known for nurturing football and footballers through their perpetual presence in India’s Top Flight League. They’re not only the oldest club in the country, Mohun Bagan is inarguably the most successful Indian club with a history of studding their squad with the highly talented National and International names. Mohun Bagan Cricket Club is currently registered with Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) being headed by Sourav Ganguly.


The club who were once considered to be the giants in Cricket has given a notable names to India with the likes of the current Wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha, Manish Pandey, Suvojit Chakraborty, Mohd. Shami just to name a few. Mohun Bagan a.k.a The Mariners are “Athletic Club” which means the club is into multiple sports and not just Football. Not so long ago, the club would home Lawn Tennis and Hockey teams and thrived before focussing predominantly on Football. 


Well, Virat Kohli mightn’t remember the connection, but the Bengalis believe that his knock at the Bagan’s ambit proved to be the Good-Luck for the 28 year old. Kohli, who owns the Indian Super League club FC Goa is also in news currently to collaborate with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan to buy stakes at Mohun Bagan, if ISL-i-League merger becomes a reality. 


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