DSK Shivajians - The latest inclusion in the "Salary Defaulters" league...

Soma Banerjee  |  Neroca FC  |  2 Years Ago

DSK Shivajians have finally become the third I-League clubs and the first Corporate I-League club to join the league of “Salary Defaulters” in the topmost football competition in the country. In the latest update, all the players have been devoid of their salaries for three months, while some of the players haven’t got a single penny for four months, which simply says that DSK has apparently been running the league for free this season. 


We spoke to players and their disappointment in the club is resonating in each word they said. Team Jersey was informed that the senior members of team has a meeting with the club officials which the management has called for. While its expected that the club is wary of the matters to go public, players as we’re informed have decided to reach out to FPAI and AIFF to state their grievances, if the matter doesn't resolve on table.


“We’re not satisfied with the actions the club is taking” said an I-League and ISL player, “We have already decided to go on boycotting the practice sessions and if needed, we’ll be on a strike…”


Now the matter isn't just it. We were also informed that the treatment by the club officials with the players and the staff is as if they’re dealing with a bunch of villagers and not the national players. 


“Initially they would deny the salaries saying we didn’t perform well, though there’s no clause in our contracts as such, now they only talk to the senior team members, but for no outcome” 


If this is how the clubs in India are going to run, especially the ones who’s owners afford luxury cars and palace-like villas, why do these clubs then complain the AIFF about dissolving  I-League? After all the entire model is being constructed to grow bigger as a football nation and not torment the players this way.


Its in a way is the current situation of Indian football, where no parent wants his/her kid to become a footballer, and thats for a simple reason of mistreatment and no career guarantee. 


It’s no secret that footballers in the country aren’t really established and decently paid like the mindset what the European football has instilled in us. Now if the players, most of whom hardly earns better than an MNC worker, are devoid of their salaries for 3-4 months, who’s going to take care of their families behind?


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