What makes Mohun Bagan and East Bengal to refuse the ISL trump card...

Pulkit Verma  |  Kingfisher East Bengal  |  2 Years Ago

It’s a transpicuous fact that IMG-R are desperate to have Mohun Bagan and East Bengal to shake hands with ISL and get huge brand equity and support base to their advantage in return. However the team led by the shrewd Sundar Raman has put forth an utterly useless draft proposal for the officials of the two legendary clubs which has made them rethink the decision to move on from I-League. The whole matter has got entangled within the layers due to the ambiguous draft with absolutely no background of Indian football. Though initially Mohun Bagan and East Bengal both were interested to join the bandwagon, however both the clubs later decided to take their own sweet-time to assess whether or not to fall in the IMG-R trap.


“It’s imperative to understand that it’s a collaboration of two historical clubs and a League that’s based on a lot of capital and “Business”. In a country of Cricket, what Mohun Bagan and East Bengal have achieved is no match to the bling of the ISL. The collaboration isn't just about playing in the topmost league, its about the population that the two club have earned over the decades and the population whats required to thrive at sustaining the League demands” said a top Mohun Bagan official. Hence it’s no more business for MB and EB. They had to reconsider the move for the best of their biggest asset— The fans.

Team Jersey was made to know a few of the clauses which may be easier to affirm for the current ISL franchises being led by the Tycoons for whom business decisions don't have an emotional connect, but for the clubs who has the backs of millions of followers. The biggest worry is that since the League is apparently about business, closing it down in case of unexpected results would destroy the entire history of Mohan Bagan and East Bengal.


As per our investigation, the officials of both the clubs are considering to take a firm stand on being the only side from Kolkata, which as we speculate will make Kolkata see a lot of football drama among ATK-MB-EB soon. Earlier, IMG-R proposed EB-MB joint club to make their home somewhere nearby Kolkata, but as the officials took matters into a thought, they refused and are demanding ATK to find refuge outside Kolkata,


Another stand that the clubs are expected to take is a revised bar on the marketing budget for the season. Currently every ISL franchise spends roughly 35-40 Cr. for the league of three months and the rumours are the ISL committee has raised the bar to more than 50Crs for the season of seven months, which happens to be the four-five season budget for these two clubs combined as of now. Hence, even with the cash-rich sponsors for the club (If they succeed to find any) the clubs would have a lot of resistance, internally. 


The concerns have already been shared with Sundar Raman, CEO Reliance Sports and the next bout of negotiations are expected to happen on 6th April in Kolkata. 


It’s clear that Mohun Bagan and East Bengal have already declared ATK to be their direct rival, while it’s only a lose-lose situation for ATK as they’re not only losing out on the groundwork they’ve done in the past three years, but also on the fanbase as it’ll be close to impossible to retain as most of the ATK fans were a long time MB or EB fans. Well, we really doubt IMG-R to spell the decision against ATK, but since inception much has happened to surprise. So…

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