Krishna Pandit - Big Curves in the Small Age

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There are many success stories that we come across in football, the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan and many more have struggled in their careers and came from humble families to stand where they are. Similar is the story of Minerva Punjab’s U22 striker Krishna Pandits who not only lost his self belief in his very small age but got cornered by the same people who congratulated him. Your heart will melt down by the inspirational story that Krishna Pandit ha to tell about his “Beginning”. Born and brought up in Chandigarh, Krishna resonates a true athlete, both in terms of hard work and mental strength. The 18 years old came into limelight during his AFC U14 campaign in Japan where he netted eight times in just five matches. Krishna also happens to be one of the youngest faces ever to debut in the National football league of India. 


Taking to AIFF,  Krishna reminisced the old times that pulled him back yet encouraged him never to lose hope and chase his dreams. Lets go through what he prodigy has to motivate the youth of the country with…

I started playing football at the Age of 7 after watching the highlights of World cup 2002. My dad was the goal keeper for the Chandigarh team before. Till the age of 13, I was playing for my school team and always desired to learn more of skills so that I could go at more professional level. I performed well in the Inter-school football championship when my coach complemented me that I play better than other players. My dad never got any coach who could teach him technical skills in football so he always supported me to play football and wanted me to get all the facilities which he couldn’t get during his time of games.


After inter-school championship I read in newspaper about the Chandigarh school camps and they were testing skills of different players. During the test match one coach saw me playing and liked my game. After match he helped me in providing more knowledge on skills and advised to for state nationals. This motivated me to train much harder than before. I was getting more focused towards the game and started focusing more on my weaknesses so that I can play in more competitive way.


I went to play for national Level in Kolkata representing Chandigarh. There were players from many states and almost 17 selectors from different states where I scored goal in all the 8 matches collectively scored maximum goals. Selectors were happy from my performance and selected me to join AFC (Asian Football confederation) camp in Kolkata. This was first time I stayed outside my home and adjusting with diet was becoming problem for me which was also affecting my performance. I was not scoring any goals and was not able to train as hard as before.


After one month of joining, during the bone test done to recognize the age I was disqualified and went home thinking that I have failed and do to no reason I will not be able to get the training which I always wanted. But my dad wanted to see those reports as information was not correct in those reports and due to some mistake I was sent back. After AIFF rechecked the reports I was called again to train in the camp. This was the time my dad mentored me, made me learn that winning is not easy and said if I choose to play and win then there will be mental and physical challenges.


I went back and started training harder, before I used to play mid field but coaches saw me playing faster with better skills and selected for forward striker position. I was surprised everyone was supporting me and even my school where I used to study before started promoting sports. I was getting more confident towards my game and my performance was increasing. I also got selected for SAARC tournament and went to play in Japan where I made the fastest goal in 28 seconds of the start of game. Even I was surprised when I scored that fastest goal because I never expected I could do that in such a competitive match.


This was the time I was getting very serious about football. First thing in morning and last thing before sleep in my mind was football. My dedication towards training was increasing and I started getting more stronger as I started stretching and working on endurance, conditioning and other core exercises at 4:40 am till 7:30 am. Even in my class in school after training I used to juggle with football to train better on my skills. I was again selected for SAAF camp and to play for Indian team in under -16 football championship held in Nepal. During the second match my performance started declining and was not able to concentrate like before may be because I was away from family and could talk to them for a while.


During 3rd and final match I performed very bad and kicked ball outside during very crucial point when scoring a goal was important for our team to win the match. After match there were 40 new players who came to train with us. Competition was getting tougher and I realised that if I didn’t performed well I will be out of the team, and my dream to become better professional player will be nowhere. Things were getting tougher due to bad performance and I was not even selected for to play for first half in friendly match with UAE held in Dubai.


My performance was poor and my coach said to improve as I was not performing. Out of 40 players 22 got selected for AFC cup held in Kuwait and I was one among them. Even during different matches held in Kuwait I was not selected to play for whole game but in one match where our team was losing from 2-0 my head coach said me play during 61 minute of the game. I knew I had to do something or all my training will be wasted. During 63rd minute of the 2 minutes after I started playing I scored the goal. The whole game changed and my coach complimented me and said I should continue this performance to become a better player. I learned a lesson here I would like to share with everyone “when you are not performing well then every force feel like against you but if you perform then even negative things looks positive. So it depends on person how he or she reacts on good or bad times”.


“Practice like you are not as good as you want to be and play like you are the backbone of the team”


If Krishna’s story inspired you, pumped you up with nothing is impossible thought, then we request you to say something in the comments box. 


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