Glitters who starred for Chennai City FC in the debut season...

Koushik Venkatesh  |  Chennai City  |  1 Year Ago

Chennai City FC had less than a month to put together a squad of talented individuals to compete with the big teams that fill up the I-League. Much to everybody’s surprise they did it, and it was a No-Nonsense team that they erected. The squad featured some of Tamilnadu’s finest faces and that was just what the owner, Rohit Ramesh wanted for the club when he bought it. His vision was crystal clear right from day one, that all he wanted was to create a platform for the football players in Tamilnadu.


This has been the brilliant start for the club who are currently sitting 8th on the table at the time when the article is being written and they are on course to land the federation cup spot as there are just two more rounds of I-League left and they hold a 5 point lead over the 9th place team Minerva.


This article places the spotlight on 5 top talents that have risen to the occasion, time and time again for the club.

In no particular order,


#1 S.Nandakumar


He has been Chennai’s breakthrough star right from the moment he was brought into the squad. He plays on the right wing in Soundarajan’s predominantly used 4-4-1-1 formation. The way he reads the game shows the kind of maturity that he has. His runs along the wings and those deadly crosses has made him a constant threat in all the games that he has featured. He has played just 5 games for the club but the kind of impact he’s had in each of the 5 games has been pivotal. He scored the all-important equaliser against East Bengal and Chennai City FC went on to win the game in Injury time. The boy is just 21 years old and if he continuous to have this kind of impact in his game, he’ll go a long way in Indian Football.

#3 D.Ravanan & E.Anyichie


There was no possible way I could separate these two. Not just in this article but on the pitch as well. These two have been the biggest asset for the club in their inaugural season. The kind of confidence that these two instil on their team mates is what motivates them to keep going. The two have started almost all the games for the club in this season with Ravanan missing just two games. The Club have won 4 games and drawn 5. In each of the 5 draws and 4 wins, the results could’ve gone awry if not for these two at the back doing what they do best and that is to thwart out the opposing team’s firepower. One amazing stat that these two boast is that they’ve picked up just one yellow card each in the games that they’ve played. This Centre-back partnership has carried the team out of grave situations and have certainly helped them to be in the position that they’re in right now.



#2 Dhanapal Ganesh


You watch him play and you barely notice the intricate things that he does for the club. He runs around in the midfield constantly looking out for his compadres and he’s not the most exciting player to watch but what he offers on the pitch is paramount. The problem is not him being unable to offer more but the fact that the player feels that less is more.

He moves around the field and collects the passes from the players next to him as they run out of space or if they’re closed down after which he distributes the ball to the player next to him. This is what Dhanpal brings to the table at CCFC and while all this might not seem like much to the viewers of the game but the kind of impact that it has during the match is highly underestimated.  He does not lose the ball often and does not always play the flashy passes through on goal, a perfect definition of Dhanpal Ganesh would be a robot that has been programmed to run up and down the field tirelessly and to collect passes and distribute for the full duration of the match. He is a 7/10 player on most days and sometimes this is exactly the kind of player a team needs when they’re considered as underdogs in almost all their games. His string of impressive defensive performances earned him a call up to the Indian Squad.

#4 Karanjit Singh


He is arguably one of the finest shot stoppers in the league. Thanks to this man, Chennai have come out of games with a result where they looked like they were going to lose. In the 10 games that he has started so far for Chennai City FC, they have lost just 4 games and have picked up 3 clean sheets and he played a huge role in their first away win in this season against Minerva Punjab. Unfortunately, he has been plagued with injuries this season and with keepers said to hit their peaks during their late 20’s and early 30’s, you can certainly say that Karanjit is in top form for the club.



#5 M.Soosairaj


Another academy star who rose to the occasion was this young gun. He plays on the Left wing for Chennai and in the last two games, in the absence of Marcos Thank, he has been playing as the shadow striker. His movements off the ball in this role has helped Chennai carve out a chance on multiple occasions only to be led down by their finishing. He proved to be a great poacher of the ball when he scored his first goal for Chennai City FC in I-League against Minerva Punjab where he pounced on the ball before the Minerva defender could clear it and went around the keeper to slot it into the net. He has shown glimpses of what he can do throughout the tournament and is definitely one of the rising stars of the team.



With just two more rounds to be played in this season, one can easily say that Chennai City FC have enjoyed a pretty decent campaign this year and with the kind of talents at their disposal they will certainly look to make things better come the next season. 



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