Trevor James Morgan blames the club officials for yet another unsuccessful season of East Bengal FC

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Trevor James Morgan had shaken the Indian Football a week ago by resigning from the managerial job of him at East Bengal. To the surprise of all, he had silently returned to Australia. It is no less than a mystery and there are several theories buzzing around regarding this sudden departure of Morgan. He was being contacted by ABP to know why he had left the Kolkata Giants in an exclusive interview.


After the loss to DSK Shivajians on 16th April, the media asked Morgan if he had any thoughts of resignation. He had denied any of such speculations though, but 24 hours after this proclamation, Morgan mailed the resignation letter to Kalyan Majumder. He didn’t want his decision of resignation to come out soon after the loss during the post-match press conference, as that would have affected the morale of the players.


Trevor was asked whether the chants of ‘Go Back Morgan’ from the fans were one of the reasons behind the resignation to which he preferred of not making the fans guilty. Moreover, he called the revolt of the fans as ‘non-spontaneous’. He had told the club that he would be conducting a Practice session behind closed doors on 14th April. He has questioned the security of the club who had let the angry fans get inside the club and create a nuisance to protest the club’s performances; a bigger accident could have happened on that day.



He was then straight away asked the reason behind his resignation, to which he first pointed towards the sudden, illogical sacking of his Assistant Head Coach, Warren Hackett. Hackett was surprisingly sacked by the club officials as a punishment to the suspension he had received from the AIFF.


Though, he has completely made it clear that there are several other reasons besides the sacking of Hackett behind his resignation from the club. After Chennai fixture, the I-League had a long gap during which he wanted the players to have a rest and gain energy for the further matches. Meanwhile, on the morning of the Chennai fixture, the Club Chairman had mailed Morgan that the fee will be deducted for those players who would remain absent during the above mentioned gap which included even Morgan himself and his coaching staff. Morgan was quite obviously unhappy with the interference of the Club Chairman in his job. He further told about what happened before the Kolkata Derby at Siliguri. The man-manager, who joined the team to Siliguri was once seen to be talking to someone over the phone at high time. Hanging up the phone, the manager started explaining Morgan whom to play, whom to substitute and other tactics of the game. Morgan wasn’t happy with this interference too.



The British coach has been made the figure responsible for the failure in the I-League this year despite the recruitment of the players of his choice. What came out of the box as a surprise was, Morgan claimed that Robin Singh was the only Recruitment made according to his won choice; rest, none of the foreign players recruited were of his choice. Morgan had handed the list of players he wanted, to the club officials. Later on, the officials said that the scouted list of players had joined other clubs and were no longer available. Even after the premature departure of Amirov, Morgan wanted to have Cedric Hengbart in his team with whom Morgan had talks going on and he had a strong belief that the deal was to be landed within no time. But to his surprise, Chris Penn was signed out of nowhere. 


Trevor Morgan was asked whether he wished to re-join east Bengal in the future in reply to which he hit the club officials. He said that, East Bengal had 6 different coaches in the last 3 years; but there had been no change in the club officials which doesn’t have a chance to change in the near future. So, currently he is not even thinking of rejoining the club. He now prefers to spend time with his family before he searches for another job and gets back on the field.



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