Srinjoy Bose: Mohun Bagan has never asked for any waivers in the franchise fee

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In a recent revelation by some of the media houses across the country, it was said that Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, the two giants of Indian football have finally come on board to play in the revamped version of the Indian Super League from next season.


Not only that, the two clubs were reported to have requested the All India Football Federation to waive off the franchise fee of Rs. 15 crores, keeping in mind the history and heritage of the clubs.


However, falsifying all these reports in an exclusive interview with Jersey, Srinjoy Bose the General Secretary of Mohun Bagan rubbished all such claims saying these are all the made up stories and the club of such high stature can never agree to fall under such honeytraps.

Speaking on the matter, Bose quipped, "There is no agreement on the part of Mohun Bagan regarding the participation of the club in the ISL next year. I can also confirm that Mohun Bagan has never officially asked for any waivers regarding the franchise fee to the AIFF. I have seen the reports that says so and I’m finding them pretty disturbing. I have already taken it up with the rumor mongers on social media and urge all supporters not to believe any such stories.”


The AIFF along with their partners IMG-Reliance have been looking to push the ISL (which is yet not recognized by FIFA) as the premier club competition in the country. However, the initial plans for the merger of the I-League and the ISL were dealt a bitter blow in early 2016 when a number of I-League clubs threatened to and then eventually walked out of the I- League. The likes of Dempo, Salgaocar and Sporting Clube de Goa showed dissatisfaction and walked out citing that it was a takeover rather than a merger with initial plans of the merger included increasing the number of clubs by two, subject to the clubs being able to pay a franchise fee with no criteria for relegation/promotion for an indefinite period.


Despite the roadblocks, the AIFF and IMG-Reliance have stuck to their plans and recently announced that the league to be a 5-month long affair from next season onwards. The I-League, meanwhile, as visioned will be relegated to the position of the second division of Indian football, should the plan go through.

To make this idea a success, the men at the helm have reportedly been courting both East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. According to the recent reports, the two giants had decided to play ball with reports claiming that the duo is set to approach the AIFF with a petition in the first week of May seeking support on various issues.


However, going by Bose's words, the dream of an amicable merger seems still a far-off dream. 


There are still contentious issues lurking in the wings such as the franchise fee, the brand rights regarding logos and the "one city one club rule" to overcome. And if the merger is still to happen, it’s advisable to tell the fans to put their seat belts on. This is going to be one bumpy ride.




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