Nirmal Chhetri, to start a club of his own?

Rohan Bhattacharjee  |  Inspiration  |  1 Year Ago

Nirmal Chhetri, the DSK Shivajian Defender has taken up the baton of development of Football among the Grassroots of Sikkim and North Bengal. The Sikkim-born footballer has decided to establish a football club at his hometown, Melli.


He planned to launch the club in June, 2017 initially. He has evertually rescheduled and the launch might be delayed as the ground is still under construction.


Chhetri has decided to gift the kids of Sikkim & as well as to those of North Bengal with the opportunity to polish their talent and establish themselves as better footballers. When asked about his plans with the club, he said that he doesn't have any bigger plans but is surely looking forward to progress step by step.



Chhetri has added to his expectations of support from the people making it clear that the club is for the people and as many people as  possible will be involved with the club and its activities. He also mentioned the importance of Fans who actually makes a club bigger!


Speaking about his plans of forming the team, Nirmal has kept his arms wide open to accept talents from Darjeeling and Kalimpong. He is already aware of the type of players he is going to include in the club and is always ready to welcome young talented people.


Every big dream has to set forth with primary steps of adventure. Currently Nirmal has planned to establish the club as a strong force in the Sikkim League. They are planning to test themselves by taking part in the MLS Challenge Cup ought to be held around the end of 2017.


This step will certainly push other current eminent footballers around the nation to indulge themselves in nurturing young footballing talents around various corners of India. These initiatives will henceforth benefit the development of Indian Football in the grassroot level.


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