Breaking News: Aizawl FC finally quits Silent-Mode, Threatens AIFF

Rohan Bhattacharjee  |  Aizawl FC  |  1 Year Ago

Indian Football experienced something magical a few days back. From being underdogs, Aizawl FC fought hard against all possible barrier to reach the heights of being the Champions of India. The Kolkata Giants Mohun Bagan and East Bengal came runners-up and second runners-up respectively.


Its no more a news that AIFF and IMG-R are concerned over making ISL the elite football competition of India. They have come up with the idea of including East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC from the I-League into the ISL and making it a 5-month long tournament. The Kolkata Giants are obvious choices of India's First Division football due to their glorious history and unparalleled fan base. Bengaluru FC has been thought of being included due to their professional approach of running the club, as quoted.


What has come up to AIFF and IMGR as surprise is the sudden rise of Aizawl FC.  Being champions of India, they deserve to be a part of the top-tier football undoubtedly. But, the Mizo Club of Robert Royte hasn't received any sign or invitation to approach to join the proposed I-League-ISL Merger.

Aizawl FC have claimed to have formally contacted AIFF to be a part of top division football, whether it is I-League or the proposed merger. They have made it clear officially that, they won't keep a stone unturned until and unless they are given a positive response about being a part of the top division. They have shown interests of approaching the Central Sports Minister of India, Prime Minister of India and the President of AFC if they don't get the response they deserve. If all the above stated steps go in vain, Aizawl FC have threatened to start world-wide protests from sitting demonstrations near AFC/FIFA offices, picketing of AIFF office, mass hunger strike/fast unto death protest.


This step of Aizawl FC is well appreciated as they are asking for what they deserve. Every Indian football fan wants them to be a part of the top-tier after what they achieved the highest ranking on the Country’s football. If Aizawl FC isn't given a chance to be the part of this proposed closed league and is consequently relegated to the second-division forever, will we ever be able to see another club come up and give a fight to write another fairytale in Indian football ever again?

Well, this decision from Aizawl FC was followed by Kushal Das’ latest shameless comment about the Champions, saying Aizawl can still compete in the second division while boasting about the live telecast achievement of the second division. Well, his comment didn't really go down well among the enthusiasts other than a few media houses who’re constantly ingesting the ISL glory among the fans of football. However, what the entire country feels is absolutely apart. We spoke to a few Aizawl FC fans to hear their side of the story. “


We are sure that the club deserves what the other I-League clubs do to get an invitation of ISL. We’re not wanting a favour, we’re only wanting the top-tier football, be it I-League or Indian Super League” said Remruatpuia Chhakchhuak, an avid Aizawl FC fan. 


All said and done, unlike the other Media houses,  Jersey has taken the stand of supporting Aizawl’s bid to remain in the top tier football in the country and rubbishes any theory of the consolation to the National League winners.


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