Messi's wife reveals that their son is a massive fan of a Real Madrid forward

Dominic Ruther  |  International  |  1 Year Ago

Who doesn't know Thiago Messi?


The 4 year old highly talked about son of the Bancelona Superstar Lionel Messi is in news and this time it’s the most hilarious news if you’re a neutral football fan, which is less likely, but if you’re a fan of FC Barcelona, then you might end up shattered and disheartened.


In the recent revelation by Lionel Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo, the four year old that even though Thiago loves FC Barcelona much like his dad, but his favourite player is not someone with whom his dad plays football with. Thiago is well introduced to all the Barca stars and kicks the ball while he accompanies his dad to the trainings, but he’s surprisingly in love with a Jersey of one of the Real Madrid stars.

Antonella Roccuzzo told Don Juan, the Spanish daily that Thiago insisted on the jersey of the Real Madrid star Gareth Bale having his name printed behind it last month. 


Antonella Roccuzzo told Don Juan, “Once in Barcelona, I met Gareth Bale and his girlfriend”


Antonella later insisted that, “Thiago has seen innumerable videos of Gareth since then on Youtube and he even has a Jersey with Gareth’s name on it.”


Though Gareth Bale hasn’t spoken about it and when encountered on this matter, he winked and took off. 


We don't take it as any indication but if its an insinuation of Thiago joining Real Madrid, then the Barca fans can only be said —Burnol!!!


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