DSK rewards "The most loyal fan" to show that they care...

Arijit Mukherjee  |  Neroca FC  |  1 Year Ago

This is Unique and unprecedented in Indian football and all the DSK fans welcome it with open arms!!!


The culture has been is to take from the fans and new lend a hand in Indian football to showcase their respect. DSK Shivajians the only club from Pune right now in the I-League top division that has set a precedence of sorts and have actually broken the iceberg.


Professionalism is all round approach towards the game and not only in big budget team or glitzy infrastructure and DSK has proven that by their latest gesture. They have rewarded their season ticket holder Abdul Waheed with a lovely DSK Benelli TNT 25 Superbike on the day of their last home match. What a lovely gesture I must say!! Especially for new teams who are trying to build their fanbase.


The bike was a part of the contest the club ran throughout the season. The Season Ticket holders was to be rewarded for their loyalty through a lucky draw. In addition to the Grand Prize of a DSK Benelli Superbike, the club also tied up with Panasonic Smartphones and offered fans a chance to win a Smartphone in every home game.

These small gestures are imperative to ensure the most important factor in Football, “The Fans” are taken seriously and are given ample credits for their Standing-by the club . After all without the support of fans it’s hard for any sporting entity to survive across the world. The likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona and many others take their support base with utmost seriousness that they always strive to make the experience better every season. They even go extra mile every season to reach out to their fans across the globe to entertain them as much as they could.


Merchandising and ticket sales have been the single most important reason these clubs have been so successful consistently for years. Even the so called lower clubs put in every step possible to make sure they reach out to their fan bases across the world.


Unfortunately, the Big Two of Kolkata have never taken this aspect of football seriously over the years, thus losing out on major revenue as well as have been unable to broaden their support base outside their known pockets. With the advent of ISL and the marketing surge in Indian Football the clubs specially the traditional ones need to take concrete steps in the feature of fans and take them more seriously.


Bengaluru FC is another I League club which has ensured that their club runs on a professional manner and they have introduced many measures for their fans to enjoy games and also get involved in other activities.

The step taken by DSK has to be said is a game-changer and make us contemplate the measures clubs need to take to keep themselves relevant and not go out of business. The club in its second season at the top-level has shown a lot of traditional clubs the way forward. Now it’s to be seen if they embrace the change or keep on going on with their own merry way.


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