Aizawl break records on Twitter!!!

Lalsangpuia Ngente  |  Aizawl FC  |  1 Year Ago

Mizos have finally friend zoned  the Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram but this doesn’t mean they’re far off with the other networking sites.


Majority of the Mizo football clubs and footballers are in close nexus with Facebook. Next to Facebook, Instagram is the most popular networking site among Mizos.


There are surfeit social networking sites available on Internet now with the presence of the Mizo population donning them.


Aizawl’s I-League triumph proved to be the remarkable success in Indian football, let alone Mizoram. With the club clinching all the eyeballs at the national level, their fans displayed the act of solitude on Twitter to mark the highest presence since their inception. Aizawl recorded the unprecedented stir in the Indian football space on the social media.


After Aizawl shared the spoils with Shillong Lajong in the final match of the league, Twitter got flooded with the congratulatory messages from all across the country and abroad. The keyword “Mizo” hadn’t trended in the country ever before as much as it did that night. This indeed put Mizoram on the World football map.

At its peak, ‘Aizawl’ reached Fourth position then moves to eight and then ninth later.


How does it work?



Many Tweeters use #Aizawl instead of Aizawl FC.  When Aizawl FC hosted Mohun Bagan in Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Mualpui, the hashtag #AFCvMB occupied highest position on Twitter (India) trending topics, and when Lajong hosted Aizawl FC at their home in 30th April, the hashtag of the match #LAJvAFC achieved the topmost in the trending topic again.


Trendinalia India said 35,745,717 people saw ‘Aizawl’ tweets before it reflected among the Trending topics. They also reveals that 28% among the ‘Aizawl’ tweeters used Twitter for Android,  18% from Twitter Web Client.


 Trendinalia India also mentioned at 32 verified account Tweeted ‘Aizawl’ which played a huge impact for trending.


After ‘Aizawl’, the word ‘Aizawl FC’ became a highlight which touched the sixth position in the peak hour.


Then #Aizawl became trending which was the third Mizo word appear in the Trending topic. #Aizawl hashtag achieved the seventh position in the peak hour.


Aizawl not only made milestone in Indian Football, but also made record in Twitter too.


Hope the message reaches the authorities!


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